Is Roblox cross-platform? PC, mobile & console crossplay explained

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Roblox remains one of the most popular games in 2023, despite being released in 2006. One of the reasons it’s so popular is due to its availability on multiple platforms. But does it support crossplay? Here’s everything you need to know.

Roblox enables players to create their own games on the platform called Experiences. From role-playing to racing to even horror, it offers countless games of all genres and themes. And with Roblox being available on almost all platforms, one might wonder if it is cross-platform or not.

With that said, here’s all you need to know about playing Roblox games with your friends on PC, mobiles, and consoles.

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Roblox has a ton of game modes for players to browse through and select.

Does Roblox support cross-platform play on PC, macOS, Android, iOS & Xbox?

Yes, Roblox does support cross-platform play. The feature is already built into the platform, allowing players to play on their PC, while their friends play through other supported platforms.

Some of the games might not work as intended on certain platforms since they are made by the players. But Roblox encourages developers to make sure their games are cross-platform compatible rather than optimizing for one platform while ignoring others.

Does Roblox support cross-progression?

Roblox allows for cross-progression. Cross-progression is a feature that allows you to continue playing a game after reaching a specified level on one platform and then moving to another.

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This is great for players who move around a lot since it can allow them to jump into the game wherever they are.

How to play crossplay with your friends on Roblox

To play crossplay with your friends on Roblox, you need to add them as your friend and then ask them to open their friend list and click on the “Join” button next to your name.

Xbox users will need to make sure that they have already added their friend to their friend list, if not, send them a request from a PC or a mobile. Here’s a guide on how to add your friends on Roblox. This is because the Xbox version of the game doesn’t allow you to search for your friends yet.

If you’re on a PS4 or a PS5, click on the three dots on the top-right of your screen and open Settings. Then, simply make sure that ‘Cross-Platform Play’ is enabled.

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