All Sakura Stand codes for free Tokens, Boosts, XP, more in May 2024

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Roblox Sakura Stand has tons of redeemable codes that you can use to boost your progress, so here’s a list of the latest codes for Tokens, Boosts, XP, and more in May 2024.

Sakura Stand is among the many games in the anime genre on Roblox, and similar to Anime World Tower Defense, Anime Fighters Simulator, Anime Adventures, and more, the title supports redeemable codes that can help you get free rewards like XP, Tokens, and more.

So, here are the latest Sakura Stand codes in May 2024.

A player as an anime character in Roblox Sakura Stand.
You can fight as well as farm materials in Sakura Stand.

Working Sakura Stand codes in May 2024

Here are the latest active Sakura Stand codes handing out free Tokens, Boosts, XP, and more in May 2024:

  • 115KLikess – Double XP, a Stand Arrow, 15,000 Cash 
  • 110KLikes – Double XP, a Token
  • CLASSICAUDDY – Free Tokens (500 to 1,500)
  • ThisFateWasFatedForTheFatedFate: Will of Fate Title
  • 100KLikes – 1,001 Tokens
  • AuddyCOOKED – 895 Tokens
  • justice – Boosts and other rewards
  • TYForFollowing – Boosts and other rewards
  • sorryguys – 900 Tokens
  • FOURTHSHUTDOWN – 1,000 Tokens
  • SorryforShutdown – 250 Tokens, 75 Snowflakes
  • BugsFix – Boosts
  • HeIsGONE – A Token
  • WHISPERTEAM – 1,000 Tokens
  • HolidayEvent – Free Boosts
  • BugsFix2 – Boosts
  • 15kSubsSoEpic – 2,000 Tokens

How to redeem Sakura Stand codes

You can redeem Sakura Stand codes by clicking on the Settings icon on the screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Launch Sakura Stand.
  2. Navigate to the Settings or Cog-shaped button.
  3. Click on it and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find a box to enter codes in.
  4. Copy a working code from the list above and paste it into the box.
  5. Click on Enter to get your reward instantly.

What are Sakura Stand codes?

Sakura Stand codes are codes released by the game’s developers that you can redeem for freebies like Tokens, XP, Boosts, and more. You can then use these resources to level up and progress within the game to skip grinding and save time.

How to get more Sakura Stand codes

You can get more Sakura Stand codes by joining the game’s official Discord server. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page as we regularly update code lists with newly released codes or those that expire.

Why are my Sakura Stand codes not working?

Your Sakura Stand codes may not be working because of the following reasons:

  • The code you’ve entered is invalid or expired: Roblox codes are time-sensitive, so redeem them as soon as possible.
  • The code you’ve entered is incorrect because of typos and capitalization errors: Roblox codes are case-sensitive as well, and the best way to avoid errors is to copy and paste them directly from our list.

Expired Sakura Stand codes in May 2024

These Sakura Stand codes have expired as of May 2024:

  • Sorcerer
  • ShadowGarden
  • SlowShutdownSorry
  • Cid
  • PureLove
  • Halloween2023
  • CursedSpiritManipulation
  • 105KLikes
  • EminenceInSakura
  • SukunaFingerIncident
  • Cursed
  • Dying
  • ThanksForPlaying
  • Yowaimo
  • CodeBugFix

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