Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players claim better post-game content is “desperately” needed

Pokemon trainers taking a selfieThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who finished the main storyline are growing frustrated at the lack of post-game content and are hoping for features like the Battle Tower to make their way into the experience.

After a couple of busy months for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, the hype is wearing off. Even though the latest entries in the franchise offer plenty of content compared to previous installments, they’re still lacking in the post-game department.

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Players who got through Gym battles, Titan encounters, and defeated Team Star are left with shiny Pokemon hunting and the Tera Raid Battles. Since there haven’t been any new official announcements regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s future, players are worried about the frustrating post-game content.

Twitter user Pory_Leeks shared their thoughts on the matter stating: “We need to get some battle facilities like a battle tower or something in the Pokémon Scarlet/Violet DLC. The base game was lacking in the post-game department tbh. Trainer cameos from other regions would be nice for world-building as well. The school tournament wasn’t enough.”

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Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced trainers to Gen 8 and released two DLCs within the year of launch, Isle of Armor and The Crown Thundra. Both of them feature new storylines, creatures, biomes, and post-game content. Now players are demanding some of those features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to keep playing.

The most requested feature is the Battle Tower, an endless battle mode that tests the skills of trainers and their teams and is also part of Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game content. “The game desperately needs three things: a Battle Tower, a Linear Mode, and being able to unlock the post-game by doing only one of the three paths (leave the Area Zero epilogue for some silly reward like a Shiny Charm),” said one Twitter user echoing Pory_Leeks requests.

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Other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players also dream of the possible return of iconic characters like Red in a post-game adventure. A grown-up version of Red appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS so that kind of speculation isn’t that far-fetched.

For now, there is no official news regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, but the critical and financial success of Isle of Armor and The Crown Thundra suggests developer Game Freak might keep that formula going for the franchise in present and future installments.

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Image Credit: Nintendo / The Pokemon Company