Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How to beat Elite Four Amarys challenge

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Amarys Elite Four The Indigo Disk

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk DLC is here, and trainers all around are trying to beat the challenges of the Elite Four of Blueberry Academy. Here’s how to beat Amarys’ Elite Four challenge in The Indigo Disk.

The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has finally arrived, and players are roaming around Blueberry Academy’s Terarium and catching lots of new and returning Pokemon. But mostly, they are facing the strongest trainers: the Elite Four members and their challenges.

The Elite Four challenge from Amarys is the first one you should undertake, and to beat her, you need to complete a traversal challenge before you can face her in combat.

So here’s how to beat the Elite Four Amarys challenge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including the best combat strategy and pro tips.

How to beat Elite Four Amarys challenge in Indigo Disk DLC

The Elite Four Amarys challenge in The Indigo Disk DLC consists of completing a timed flying circuit with your PokeMount, Koraidon or Miraidon.

The first thing you need to do is to approach the Canyon Biome Plaza, with Amarys’ icon marked on the map, and pay the 50 Blueberry Points (BP) required to participate. If you don’t know how to farm them, you can consult our guide.

Flying Miraidon
Flying with your Poke Mount through the rings will grant you more time.

The mechanics are quite simple, and to complete this challenge, you should always stick to the middle of the rings and go through them. By doing so, you will extend your time limit and can easily win this first flying race against time.

Now comes the hardest part, to defeat Amarys in combat, which you will do in a different location.

Best counters for Elite Four Amarys battle

  • Krookodile (Ground/Dark) – Tera Type: Ground – Ability: Moxie – Moveset: Hone Claws, Fire Fang, Earthquake, Thunder Fang. Held Item: Shell Bell.
  • Flygon (Ground/Dragon) – Tera Type: Ground – Ability: Levitate – Moveset: Earthquake, U-turn, Superpower, Thunder Punch. Held Item: Focus Sash.
  • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground) – Tera Type: Fire – Ability: Rough Skin – Moveset: Earthquake, Crunch, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang. Held Item: Muscle Band.
  • Meowscarada (Grass/Dark) – Tera Type: Dark – Ability: Protean – Moveset: Flower Trick, Night Slash, Energy Ball, Play Rough. Held Item: Miracle Seed.
  • Ogerpon (Grass/Fire) – Tera Type: Fire – Ability: Defiant/Embody Aspect: Fire – Moveset: Ivy Cudgel, Swords Dance, Scary Face, Solar Blade. Held Item: Hearthflame Mask
  • Camerupt (Fire/Ground) Tera Type: Ground– Ability: Anger Point – Moveset: Sunny Day, Flare Blitz, Bulldoze, Flame Charge. Held Item: Choice Band.

How to defeat Amarys in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk DLC

Amarys is a Steel-type user, and to beat her in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk DLC, you will need to take full advantage of the Steel-type weaknesses. And since all combats in Blueberry Academy are Doubles, you will need a good strategy to defeat her powerful team.

Amarys will use the following Pokemon:

  • Skarmory lvl 76 – Ability: Sturdy – Held Item: Rocky Helmet – Moveset: Stealth Rock, Dual Wingbeat, Body Press, Whirlwind.
  • Alolan Dugtrio lvl 76 – Ability: Tangling Hair – Held Item: Focus Sash – Moveset: Earthquake, Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Stone Edge.
  • Empoleon lvl 76 – Ability: Torrent – Held Item: Mystic Water – Moveset: Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot.
  • Reuniclus lvl 76 – Ability: Magic Guard – Held Item: Leftovers – Moveset: Trick Room, Protect, Energy Ball, Psychic.
  • Scizor lvl 78 – Ability: Technician – Held Item: Occa Berry – Moveset: Bullet Punch, Trailblaze, Pounce, Aerial Ace.
  • Metagross lvl 78 – Ability: Clear Body- Steel Tera Type – Held Item: Expert Belt – Moveset: Hard Press, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, Brick Break.

Amarys will start the battle using Alolan Dugtrio and Skarmory. Skarmory has the Sturdy ability and Alolan Dugtrio has a Focus Sash that also prevents a 1 Hit KO. So, using STAB attacks on them will, at most, leave them with 1 HP. Amarys will then proceed to use Earthquake, which will hit everyone on the map except Dugtrio and Skarmory since it is a Flying type.

Amarys Elite Four
Amaryus will use the Terastalize when cornered.

Lead the start with the Krookodile/Flygon or Garchomp/Flygon combo. Both of them should have Earthquake, and Flygon’s levitate will make it immune to Earthquake attacks. Use Krookodile’s Hone Claws, then use Superpower on Dugtrio. Follow with Krookodile’s Fire Fang on Skarmory, and blast them out. If they remain alive after the first 2 rounds, then repeat until they are gone.

After that Amarys will probably call Reuniculus and Empoleon to battle, and you can counter her by sending Meowscarada and Garchomp. Garchomp’s speed counters most of Amarys’ Pokemon, and Meowscarada is a natural counter for both Empoleon and Reuniculus, plus, Night Slash and Flower Trick always cause critical hits. You will make quick count of these two pretty fast.

Then, after that, Amarys will change to Metagross and Scizor, both quite problematic. But worries not, send Camerupt and Ogerpon out. You can cast Sunny Day the moment Camerupt has a turn, then use Scary Face on Camerupt to trigger his Anger Point ability. Now, it’s clobbering time! Follow with Fire Cudgel and Flare Blitz, and Scizor and Metagross will be against the ropes in no time.

Amarys will probably Terastalize her Metagross by then, and you can break it down by Terastalizing Ogerpon, which will boost its attack and the power of Fire Cudgel.

Upon defeating Amarys, she will grant the player the Hard Press TM, which is a powerful Steel-type Move introduced in The Indigo Disk.

And that’s how to complete Elite Four Amarys challenge in Indigo Disk DLC. If you found this guide useful, you can also check the following links for more Pokemon pro-tips:

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