Pokemon players reveal “trash” mechanics they’re glad never came back

Ezequiel Leis
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet water

Every mainline Pokemon game adds new features and mechanics that refresh the experience and the whole Pokemon universe, but players gathered to discuss which aspects they’re glad were never revisited.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced players to the Terastal phenomenon that changed the way you can battle, adding some unpredictable elements to gameplay. The Gen 9 titles also embraced the open-world concept in a broader way than its predecessor, giving players even more freedom to explore the region of Paldea.

However, not all game mechanics in the history of Pokemon were well received. While some players still ask Game Freak to bring back concepts like Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves, some Reddit users gathered to talk about the mechanics they’re glad never came back.

User ‘MasterOfChaos72’ started the discussion by naming two gimmicks: “The elite four members only having 4 Pokemon during the initial battle with them” and “the battle chateau in XY. Absolute worst method of rebattling gym leaders + elite four members in the series.” The OP’s post sparked a debate where other fans chimed in with various opinions.

Reddit user ‘InsomniaEmperor’ mentioned another feature many players agreed on: “Safari Zone catching mechanics.” Then added: “It throws all catching mechanics out the window and it becomes a game of luck that tests your patience. It’s not difficult, just incredibly annoying.” Another Pokemon player answered, “I didn’t like the mud balls and the food. I didn’t like having to use treats to lure them in. It was just a big headache.”

Others actually want Safari Zones to make a comeback since they feel it’s “totally fine if you aren’t shiny hunting” and “actually makes catching a fun and interesting challenge.” Others liked the feature but admitted its “execution leaves a lot to be desired.”

Another big mechanic discussed in the Reddit post was HMs or Hidden Machines. These special moves were a key element in many Pokemon titles. Players had to assign key moves like Cut or Surf to Pokemon on their teams to sort obstacles and progress through the story. This would leave some movesets rather lackluster since none of the HMs were particularly good in battle.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl screenshot
Pokemon remakes tweaked how HMs work in the game, so it’s not annoying to use them.

“The need to have an empty slot on the party just for a HM slave sucked so hard,” stated a player, and another added, “Having several monsters unable to access their full moveset because they’ have to learn HMs has always been a pain.”

Another player said, “We haven’t had that since Gen 6 and the games have felt way more simplified as a result.” This made many fans reconsider their stance on HMs, and some concluded that, while they don’t want HMs back the way they were, they loved the feeling of having to look for a “key” to progress through the adventure.

Other mechanics included the “poison affecting out of battle” and “that beeping noise when your Pokemon is low HP going the entire time until it’s healed or knocked out,” which drove some players mad.

We’ll have to wait until the next generation of Pokemon games to see if any of these features come back. In the meantime, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s story seemingly done, players still have lots to do thanks to Tera Raid Battles and Mass Outbreak events.

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