Pokemon Masters tier list: Best sync pairs in August 2022

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The 3v3 sync pair battles in Pokemon Masters EX make the game entertaining but also confusing for new players. If you’re baffled about choosing an ideal sync pair, here’s a Pokemon Masters tier list featuring the best sync pairs in August 2022.

Pokemon Masters EX is a unique game in the Pokemon franchise where trainers and their Pokemon play an equally important role in battles. There are different types of sync pairs – attacking, tech, and support.

Unlike Pokemon Go, Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX only have one weakness. The goal is to come up with a balanced team of three sync pairs that can deal damage, defend, apply status effects, and heal the team.

To make things easier for you, we’ve made a Pokemon Masters tier list where you can find the sync pairs that are worth the time and effort.

Pokemon Master teams in a face-off

Best sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

Our Pokemon Masters tier list will have several tiers with S being the best and E being the worst. In each tier, players will find the best sync pairs as well as their type.

S-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

The S-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters require the players to put in the least amount of effort which makes them highly desirable. The abilities these Pokemon and trainers have are effective in battle and leveling them up should be your first priority.

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Sync PairsType
Sygna Suit Blue & Mega BlastoiseSupport
Bianca Tech & MusharnaTech
May & SwampertTech
Skyla & SwannaSupport
Karen & Mega HoundoomSpecial Attack Strike
Leon & CharizardSpecial Attack Strike
N & ZekromPhysical Strike
Cynthia & Mega GarchompPhysical Strike
Sabrina & Mega AlakazamSupport
Acerola & PalossandTech
Hilbert & MightyenaPhysical Strike
Professor Sycamore & XerneasSupport
Player & TorchicSupport
Sygna Suit Leaf & Mega VenusaurTech
Serena & DelphoxTech

A-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

A-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters aren’t as great as S-tier units but they’re still good enough to be a consistent part of your team.

Sync PairType
Sygna Suit Elesa & RotomSupport
Burgh & LeavannySpecial Attack Striker
Rosa & DelibirdSupport
Misty & StarmieSupport
Lyra & MeganiumSupport
Lysandre & YveltalSpecial Attack Strike
Dawn & AlcremieTech
Flannery & TorkoalTech
Ghetsis & KyuremTech
Lillie & ClefairySupport
Piers & ObstagoonSupport
Jasmine & Mega SteelixSupport
Erika & ComfeySupport
Koga & CrobatTech
Iris & HydreigonTech
Lance & DragonitePhysical Strike
Alder & VolcaronaSpecial Attack Strike
Iris & HaxorusPhysical Strike
Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega SharpedoPhysical Strike
Brendan & SceptilePhysical Strike
Dawn & TorterraSupport
Will & XatuTech
Serena & WhimsicottTech
Leaf & EeveeSupport
Professor Oak & MewTech
Blue & Mega PidgeotSpecial Attack Strike
Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-oSpecial Attack Strike
Selene & DecidueyePhysical Strike
May & Mega LopunnyPhysical Strike
Agatha & Mega GengarTech
Brendan & SceptilePhysical Strike

B-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

B-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters aren’t ‘bad’. However, their performance is situational and you should not expect consistency from them. They might outshine the opponents in one battle but get completely thrashed in the next.

Sync PairsType
Player & PikachuSpecial Attack Striker
Caitlin & ReuniclusSpecial Attack Striker
Phoebe & DusknoirSupport
Drake & SalamenceSupport
Lance & GyaradosPhysical Striker
Lisia & Mega AltariaTech
Player & SolgaleoPhysical Striker
Lyra & JigglypuffSpecial Attack Striker
Wally & Mega GalladePhysical Striker
Cyrus & PalkiaSpecial Attack Striker
Skyla & TogekissTech
Mallow & TsareenaTech
Elio & PrimarinaSupport
Kukui & LycanrocTech
Brock & OnixTech
Noland & Mega PinsirPhysical Striker
Korrina & Mega LucarioPhysical Striker

C-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

C-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters are not effective in a majority of scenarios and to be fair, you should not be spending your time on them. The stats of these sync pairs are lopsided and accordingly, it is not wise to rely on them for victory.

Sync PairType
Ethan & TyphlosionSpecial Attack Striker
Elesa & ZebstrikaPhysical Striker
Gardenia & RoseradeSpecial Attack Striker
Molayne & DugtrioPhysical Striker
Blaine & RapidashTech
Barry & EmpoleonSpecial Attack Striker
Roxanne & ProbopassSupport
Marshal & ConkeldurPhysical Striker
Maylene & MedichamSupport
Cheryl & BlisseySupport
Rosa & SerperiorSupport
Liza & LunatoneSupport
Lana & AraquanidSupport
Kris & FeraligatrPhysical Striker
Bruno & MachampPhysical Striker
Silver & Ho-ohSpecial Attack Striker
Pryce & DewgongSpecial Attack Striker
Bugsy & Mega BeedrillPhysical Striker
Roxie & ScolipedePhysical Striker
Crasher Wake & FloatzelTech
Wallace & MiloticTech
Brawly & HariyamaTech
Calem & MeowsticTech
Acerola & MimikyuTech
Siebold & OctilleryTech
Ramos & VictreebelTech
Clemont & HelioliskTech
Shauntal & ChandelureSpecial Attack Striker
James & WeezingTech
Zinnia & RayquazaSpecial Attack Striker

D-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

D-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters can significantly affect your progress with their low success rate. They will rarely help you in clutching the win, and thanks to their terrible defense stats, the battles won’t be that long in most cases.

Sync PairType
Cheren & StoutlandSupport
Hapu & MudsdalePhysical Striker
Thorton & BronzongTech
Brycen & CryogonalTech
Norman & SlakingPhysical Striker
Lt. Surge & ElectrodeTech
Candice & AbomasnowTech
Tate & SolrockPhysical Striker
Player & SolgaleoSpecial Attack Striker
Roark & RampardosPhysical Striker
Brycen & CryogonalTech

E-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters

Long story short, don’t pick the E-tier sync pairs in Pokemon Masters. They do not provide enough attack or defense and using them during Champion fights is something you might regret.

Sync PairType
Marlon & CarracostaSupport
Siebold & ClawitzerSpecial Attack Striker
Lorelei & LaprasTech
Mina & GranbullTech
Marley & ArcanineSupport
Valerie & SylveonSpecial Attack Striker
Whitney & MiltankTech
Grant & AurorusTech

We’ll make sure to update this Pokemon Masters tier list according to the latest changes in the meta. For similar content, check out how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and the biggest Pokemon ever.

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