Pokemon Go players share useful tips for Giovanni reward encounter

Lucas Simons
Giovanni and Regigigas

Pokemon Go has plenty of great rewards for players who participate in the many events launched periodically. But this trainer wanted to know if they could save a reward encounter for later, and the community cleared their doubts.

Pokemon Go is about to close the curtains for the Timeless Travels season. And with its biggest event, Sinnoh Tour, already gone, the scenario is set for the new season titled World of Wonders.

However, some trainers are still holding up to certain event rewards and want to know if they can use them later. Specifically, the Giovanni encounter with the Legendary Pokemon Shadow Regigigas as its final reward.

This is what the community has answered to this player asking if this encounter reward can be used later, and some useful tips they offered to know how to identify rewards that can be saved.

The OP wanted to know if they could save this Giovanni encounter for later, and claim the rewards during a Team Rocket Takeover when Giovanni’s Lineup changes.

Pokemon Go players quickly answered by clarifying that this particular event reward does not work like Team Rocket Takeovers, and its rewards will not change when a new or similar event pops up in the future.

However, you can save the Giovanni encounter on that particular Research and counts as a task completion for ‘Defeat the Team Rocket Boss,’ and this was confirmed by several players commenting on the post.

So there you have it, if you want to save a Rocket Super Radar the next time there’s a Team Rocket Takeover, you can use this Reward Encounter to complete the task to defeat Giovanni.

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