Pokemon Go player completes absurd Pokedex Challenge in only 10 months

Lucas Simons
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Pokemon Go offers quite a surplus of challenges for the players to try their luck. But some Pokedex completion Challenges are nearly impossible to accomplish. Now, a player has surprised the entire community with a feat that few could accomplish in a very short period.

Pokemon Go players are always looking for ways to challenge themselves, sharing with the community their accomplishments and collections. One of the said challenges is related to Vivillion, one of the hardest Pokemon to get in your Pokedex.

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And it is even harder since Vivillion has many different patterns depending on the region where you catch it. So, it is no surprise that the community is calling this Pokemon Go player crazy for attempting to complete the whole Vivillion collection, with all patterns and gender variables, in only 10 months.

It gets even deeper than that, as this trainer, in particular, decided to include every member of the Scatterbug line in the collection. That means six Pokemon for each variable of Vivillion you can find on the planet.

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According to Reddit user RealCasually, it took 10 months to complete this absurd collection. They said: “Two perfect Scatterbugs(both Archipelago Males) was icing on the cake! I’m so giddy right now!”

One of the Pokemon Go players commented: “You’re wild.” And another one answered: “It’s always crazy to me to see how differently everyone plays this game.”

Another player said: “Ikr And honestly this is my favorite collection of Mons I’ve seen on here, it’s probably 1 of a kind and they all look so so good evolved, glad to see a madlad do this.”

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Meanwhile, another player stated that they were unsure if Vivillion had gender differences. And Reddit user Murkrow commented on this: “That’s my question too. I get that it’s grinding to a goal, but I don’t think any of them have M/F morphs so this is just dedication to a grind.”

According to the Pokedex and official Pokemon databases, Vivillion has no gender differences, but that doesn’t make RealCassually’s collection less impressive. It only shows how much dedication and consistency a player can put into accomplishing a goal when they are hellbent on it.

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