Pokemon Go players “disappointed” with Zorua spawns in Halloween event

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Go Zorua & Shiny Zorua

The Dark-type Pokemon is once again spawning regularly in Pokemon Go. Trying to catch its shiny version, players are getting “disappointed a lot” with Zorua’s transformations.

Zorua is a tricky beast when it comes to spawn rates in Pokemon Go. Players are trying to snag the shiny version of it while getting “disappointed a lot” with how it shows in the wild. The catch is that the little fox transforms into your buddy Pokemon, and not only do players have to wait until the catch is over to know it’s Zorua, but also to shiny-check it.

Adding to the player’s disappointment, if they have changed buddy Pokemon frequently during the day, Zorua might transform into the former buddy. This is confusing players who are taking their stories to social media with “random legendary or shiny” spawns.

The Pokemon Go Reddit page woke up with user HaydnOSmith sharing his lucky shiny Zorua’s catch. Disappointed users joined the post, and a lot of questions arose surrounding Zorua’s transformations and shiny-check methods.

Most Pokemon Go players stick to one buddy Pokemon, so being alert on spawns should do the trick to beat Zorua’s trolling. Players call the shiny version of it a “shockingly cool” Pokemon, and its Dark-type evolution Zoroark will surely help out in future raids.

Now that the Halloween event is ready and in motion, many versions of the Dark-type Pokemon are spawning again. To avoid disappointments, players should pack an extra set of eyes and be careful when tapping wild Pokemon.

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