Pokemon Go players call for buff to classic item

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Go Player standing next to a Pokestop with an incense.Niantic

Pokemon Go has a special item that helps players catch new Pokemon. It seems that some changes made to it are not making trainers happy after trying it for the first time.

Pokemon Go has many items that help players with their daily Pokemon-catching adventures, from Berries, Lures, and Incense. This last item was modified in 2022, and trainers are still wondering if they are needed in the game as they are, or if they need a buff.

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The Incense item in the game changed after the pandemic, where players could get as much as one Pokemon per minute while using it. This was great for trainers who didn’t have PokeStops nearby, since in those cases using a Lure is more beneficial.

Reddit user ‘drfunnyb’ took their complaint to the Pokemon Go subreddit, stating that the “Incense kinda suck.” They also added that it was their first time using a non-daily Incense and they “barely got any Pokemon.”

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Pokemon Go players slam Incense item

Opinions appeared under the OP’s post, as players deemed the latest nerf to the Incense was made to encourage trainers to “go outside,” but that was “completely disregarding people with physical disabilities and rural players.”

On the other hand, players acknowledge the problem this brings to Pokemon Go‘s rural trainers living in areas where no PokeStops can be found.

The Pokemon Go community calls for buffs on this important item in the game since the problem isn’t only how they work, but also how Pokemon spawn from it. “The spawns from the incense hang around for such a short amount of time (…) the incense spawn disappear on you,” added a user.

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The comment “useless unless you are walking around” from another trainer seems to acknowledge the OP’s comment. There seems to be no option for this problem other than “walk when using it,” as user ‘Gold-Perspective-699’ added.

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