How to find & evolve Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Aakrit Sharma
Type: Null and Sylvally in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Type: Null is an interesting Legendary Pokemon, as it is a synthetic man-made Pokemon, and one with a second evolution stage. Here’s a guide to get your own Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how to evolve it into Silvally.

A ton of Pokemon games have been released so far with the goal of catching new Pokemon. Even though all these games have distinctive mechanics and plots, the urge to catch all Pokemon among trainers remains same.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can complete your Pokedex by catching a Legendary Pokemon called Type: Null. It evolves into Silvally which is another Legendary beast that belongs to the Normal type.

Here’s how to find and evolve Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

An NPC standing with Type: Null
Type: Null will evolve to Silvally once you gain its trust.

How to catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You must beat Pokemon Sword and Shield to get Type: Null as it is a part of the postgame content. After becoming the champion of the Galar region, you can head to Wyndon and enter the Battle Tower.

The exact location of the Battle Tower in Wyndon is marked in the image below:

Location of the Battle Tower in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Wyndon
The Battle Tower of Galar is an important Landmark you cannot miss.

Upon entering the Battle Power, simply go to the left and you’ll find an NPC standing with Type: Null. She will congratulate you for your achievements in Galar and gift you Type: Null. It will then be added to the Pokedex and you can add the Legendary Pokemon to your party too.

How to evolve Type: Null & get Silvally in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can evolve Type: Null into Silvally by increasing its friendship level in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It becomes ready for evolution when its Friendship value is 220 or higher.

There are several ways to increase your friendship level with a Pokemon in the game:

  • Pokemon Camp – Play with your party and cook curry for your Pokemon to quickly increase their affection towards you. Focus on making curries that significantly boost friendship levels.
  • Berries – Qualot, Tamato, Pomeg, Grepa, Hondew, and Kelpsy berries increase the Friendliness of a Pokemon upon consumption. However, some of these berries deteriorate other stats of the Pokemon like HP.
  • Battle – Using a Pokemon during battle will increase its friendship level.
  • Soothe Bell – A Pokemon holding a Soothe Bell instantly gains Friendliness. Giving this item to your Type: Null will certainly help in speeding up the evolution process.

All in all, head to the Battle Tower in Wyndon to find Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Then, just increase your Friendliness with the Pokemon to evolve it into Silvally.

A Silvally
Silvally is the last form of Type: Null.

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