All Toxicroak weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

Ezequiel Leis
Toxicroak in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Toxicroak is a Pokemon available in a lot of the franchise’s games and many players keep wondering what’s the best strategy to beat it. Here’s everything you need to know about Toxicroak’s weaknesses and resistances.

Since its first appearance in Gen 4, Toxicroak has been a part of almost every Pokemon game to date. The Croagunk evolution is a powerful ally in mainline games and can be a great asset in competitive areas of Pokemon Go, so it’s always good to know its main strengths and limitations.

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We’ll detail everything there is to know about Toxicroak’s weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon games.

What type is Toxicroak in Pokemon?

Toxicroak is a Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon. This unique type combination was exclusive to Croagunk and Toxicroak until the arrival of Hisuian Sneasel in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Therefore, it’s no wonder that players aren’t sure how to counter this particular Pokemon.

Toxicroak is depicted with a lighter color palette in the Pokemon anime.

All Toxicroak weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Poison and Fighting-Type Pokemon, Toxicroak is weak against Flying, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks.

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Since Poison-type and Fighting-type Pokemon are both weak against Psychic-type damage, Toxicroak has a double weakness (x4) against this type.

All Toxicroak resistances in Pokemon

Being a dual Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon, Toxicroak can resist Fighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Grass, and Dark-type moves. It’s best to avoid these categories when facing Toxicroak in battle.

In mainline games, Toxicroak can also have the Dry Skin Ability. In that case, it won’t only be immune against Water-type damage, but any Water-type attacks will restore some of its HP. As a downside, Dry Skin also makes Toxicroak slightly weaker (1.25x) to Fire-type moves.

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While Psychic-type Pokemon seem like the safest bet to take down Toxicroak quickly, keep in mind that it might know some super-effective Dark-type moves to counter them. This only happens in mainline games, so Pokemon Go players need not worry.

Flying and Ground-type Pokemon, on the other hand, can deal super-effective damage without anything to stop them.

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