All Lucario weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

Ezequiel Leis
Lucario in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Lucario stands as one of the Pokemon community’s most popular Pokemon while simultaneously being a formidable enemy when challenged. If you need tips on conquering Lucario, here’s every detail about its weaknesses and resistances.

Since its appearance in the Sinnoh Pokedex, Lucario has become one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise. Thanks to its powerful moves and many resistances, the hard-to-get Pokemon was a real challenge when it first appeared in the mainline games.

If you’re facing Lucario, whether it’s a wild one or one an opponent has on their team, here’s everything you need to know about its weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.

What type is Lucario in Pokemon?

Lucario is a dual Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon. It’s not easy to come to this conclusion just by looking at Lucario, so many trainers might have trouble trying to take it down.

Lucario in the Pokemon anime.
Lucario is equally popular in Pokemon video games and anime.

All Lucario weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon, Lucario is weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. Those are the same weaknesses any pure Steel-type Pokemon has, which can also lead to some confusion.

Fire-type Pokemon are usually the popular choice to fight Lucario, but Ground and Fighting-type Pokemon are equally good against it.

All Lucario resistances in Pokemon

As a dual Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon, Lucario can resist damage from the following types:

  • Normal
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Dark

That’s not all, since Lucario is also immune to Poison-type attacks.

By pairing Steel with Fighting, Lucario can receive neutral damage from Fairy, Psychic, and Flying-type attacks that aren’t usually effective against a Steel type.

In total, six types deal neutral damage and three are super-effective against Lucario, so keep that in mind when trying to defeat or catch one in the Pokemon games. The remaining nine types won’t do much against the Aura Pokemon, so don’t bring those to battle if you want to keep them in one piece.

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