CI Podcast #8: How Warzone & Black Ops Cold War will work ft. LEGIQN

Ava Thompson Powell

With Black Ops Cold War finally released, there’s been plenty of talk over how it’ll work alongside Warzone.

Mike & Keshav welcome Jordan ‘LEGIQN’ Payton to Episode #8 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. The three discuss the controversial decision not to change the Warzone engine for when it runs alongside Black Ops Cold War. This ultimately means that players may have to get used to two different play styles.

They also touch on why Warzone has pulled in such a huge amount of players, with LEGIQN explaining his own personal success over the past six months. Is Verdansk getting a little on the bland side? LEGIQN also delves into what he’d like to see in a new Warzone map.

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Warzone was never expected to become as successful as it is, and questions over how the move and implementation will be made is a question on everybody’s lips. On Twitch, it’s one of the most streamed games of all time, and so it’s vital that the move is made without disrupting player experiences too much.

As players doubt the arrival of Warzone in BOCW on December 1st, we’re looking ahead to see when the merge will take place.

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