Overwatch 2 Summer Games 2024 – Winston’s Beach Volleyball, Lucioball & rewards

Stephanie Zucarelli
Lucio skin from the Lucioball game mode

The Summer Games event has returned to Overwatch 2, which means Winston’s Beach Volleyball and Lucioball will be back for players to enjoy again.

Here’s everything you need to know about OW2 Summer Game 2024 game modes, including all its challenges and rewards.

OW 2 Summer Games 2024 end date

The Summer Games will start on July 9, 2024, and end on July 30, 2024. While this event is active, you’ll be able to complete all its special challenges to get free rewards.

Winston’s Beach Volleyball explained

Winston’s Beach Volleyball is a limited-time game mode that invites players to play Volleyball in two teams of three players each. You can win this Overwatch 2 challenge by scoring ten points before the match ends.

To score a point, you’ll have to get the volleyball to hit the sand on the opponent’s side of the net only using your hero’s melee attack. When your Ultimate reaches 100% you can activate your Ultimate Play, where your character can move faster and hit the ball harder.

  • Heroes available: D.Va, Winston, Ashe, Cassidy, Echo, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Symmetra, Widowmaker, Baptiste.
Winston's Beach Volleyball mode
You’ll have 30 seconds to get the ball to the other side.

Lucioball explained

In the Lucioball mode, you’ll get to play a futuristic football match using Lucio’s abilities to control a giant ball that bounces around the field. If you want to take on this challenge, you’ll have to group up into a team of three players and try to score more goals than your opponents before the time is up.

While you can only pick Lucio as a character, you’ll get to play in the Estádio Das Ras, Sydney Harbour Arena, or the Busan Stadium maps.

Lucioball Remix

Lucioball Remix works similarly to Lucioball, but multiple balls will spawn during the match. This mode doesn’t have replays of scored goals and it adds additional golden “bonus balls” that count for three points if successfully scored.

The game ends when the countdown runs out or when one team has a lead of at least 20 points.

Lucioball match in Overwatch 2
You can jump higher if you use the green launch pads.

Cosmetics rewards

Summer SandsationComplete 6 Summer Games 2024 Event Challenges35,000 Battle Pass XP.
Multi-Sport ProScore a total of 25 assists, saves or goals in Winston’s Beach Volleyball, Lucioball or Lucioball remix.Mauga Rugby Spray, 2,500 Battle Pass XP
Ultimate PlayerAs a team, score 3 points with Ultimate Play in Winston’s Beach Volleyball.Rock Climbing Player Icon, 2,500 Battle Pass XP.
Ultimate BreakdownUse your Ultimate 3 times in Lucioball or Lucioball RemixFootball Illari Player Icon, 2,500 Battle Pass XP.
Multi-sport ChampScore a total of 50 assists, saves or goals in Winston’s Beach Volleyball, Lucioball, or Lucioball Remix.Mauga Rugby Player Icon, 2,500 Battle Pass XP.
Winston’s AceComplete 5 games of Winston’s Beach Volleyball. Wins grant double progress.Rock Climbing Spray, 2,500 Battle Pass XP.
Lucio’s StrikerComplete 5 games of Lucioball or Lucioball Remix. Wins grant double progress-Illari football Spray, 2,500 Battle Pass XP.

If you complete all challenges from the Summer Games 2024 event, you’ll get a total of 50,000 Battle Pass XP, three Sprays and three Player Icons.

Overwatch 2 Season 11 has also released its Transformers collaboration, and the new Quick Play: Hacked mode, where you’ll get the chance to get some amazing exclusive skins. If cosmetic bundles aren’t your thing, you can also try the limited-time event Quick Play: Hacked which will be available for two days starting on July 15.

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