Overwatch 2 players shocked after Season 8 update “broke” the game on PS5

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Overwatch 2 fans reported some major performance issues on PS5 right after the Call of the Hunt update. Here’s what the Overwatch 2 community has been talking about.

Overwatch 2 Call of the Hunt has just arrived, and along with the new Tank Hero Mauga and major balance changes for all characters, it also introduced the Battle of the Beasts game mode and new Hero Mastery courses. However, as soon as Season 8 was officially online, players began noticing a problem with the PS5 version.

While Reddit removed a post called “PS5 Performance drastically worse after update,” another user created a thread to ask the Overwatch 2 community what was happening to the game. “Feels like I’m playing on PS3,” described Redditor ‘AlmightyB-_-.’

Other Overwatch 2 players chimed in and said that they were having major performance issues only in their PlayStation 5, but this wasn’t the case for people trying the new season on PlayStation 4.

“I thought I was going crazy, I occasionally play Overwatch on my PlayStation instead of my Xbox and I noticed my game’s performance was worse, especially at character selection and at the start of POTGS and this started shortly before this season started,” said user ‘Pixel Cassidy.’

Most fans slammed Blizzard after reporting this issue and commented that “PS5 seemed to be their lowest priority,” since this version doesn’t support trophies and there are still some frequent problems with HDR.

“This is super noticeable. Everything regarding menus and interface drops to 20 FPS, and the matches themselves are not better. It is borderline unplayable, at least on PS5,” reported Redditor ‘Marssenito.’

Blizzard haven’t officially addressed this problem, so we’ll keep you updated for any official answer to the PS5 performance issue. If you want to know more about Overwatch 2, you can check when the Winter Wonderland 2023 event will be released or how many people are still playing Overwatch 2.

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