Overwatch 2 devs disable weapon skins after players couldn’t remove them

Emily Stander
Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 developers have responded to an issue in-game where players are unable to unequip the new Hard Light weapon skins. 

On December 19, Overwatch 2 released the Winter Wonderland event alongside new shop items and updates to Mauga. One of the items that players have been most excited about are the upcoming weapon skins that allow you to change the appearance of your weapons. 

Unlike gold weapon skins that you can purchase with competitive points, Overwatch 2 has released Hard Light skins in the new season 8 update which fulfill the same purpose. They became available in the shop as a bundle for Reinhardt, Mercy, and Reaper’s weapons.

However, there has been an issue where players have been unable to unequip the skins when they are used. As one fan pointed out, they “bought weapon skin for Mercy, wanted to compare both weapons and found out that there’s no way to change it back.”

Soon after they became aware of this issue, Blizzard responded by temporarily removing the skins from the shop until the bug is resolved. 

Jared Neuss, Executive Producer of Overwatch 2, said, “We’re aware of an issue where Weapon Skins cannot be unequipped. We’ve taken them out of the shop for now, and are actively working on a fix.”

Devs are also looking at other bugs that have become apparent in the new update. This includes the map Blizzard World, which has become unavailable in custom games due to an issue. As a workaround, Blizzard World – Winter is still available. 

More bugs include players experiencing a LC-208 error, souvenir bugs, not earning progress in ‘Rugby Practice’ with Mauga, career profiles not updating for console players, and crosshair setting issues. 

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