Overwatch 2 players call for massive nerfs to all-time favorite Hero

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An Overwatch 2 Hero that represents the past and present of the franchise is coming under fire from fans who believe they are ruining the title and making players “just want to leave the game.”

The original cast of Overwatch is an instantly recognizable party of Heroes and they have only been expanded upon further thanks to Blizzard’s Overwatch 2.

Characters like Tracer have become household names in the gaming community and they have transitioned to the sequel well – along with new characters in Soujorn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen.

Reception for the OG characters hasn’t been wholly positive though, as one Hero, in particular, is drawing the ire of the community.

With the one-hit potential of Widowmaker’s Sniper Rifle, players of Overwatch 2 feel that the Hero has the ability to ruin games and stop players from even being able to exit their spawn.

“I haven’t played Overwatch 1, so [I] don’t know how was that the case back then…but whenever I play against good Widow [Widowmaker players] who spawn kill all of us I just want to leave the game. Character [is] so polarizing that she seems out of place…Sojourn when she had her one shot was way less cringe than this,” said one disgruntled Overwatch 2 Reddit post.

This isn’t an isolated opinion though as commenters came forward in droves vocalizing their support for Widowmaker nerfs in the game.

“Widow has always had this effect, a good widow ruins the fun and a bad widow is a detriment to the team. Early on in OW1, she even had the ability to one hit kill Zenyatta with a body shot. I don’t know if I’d necessarily say she’s entirely badly designed, but her main weapon being a one hit focused sniper, it definitely feels like she’s there to fill the role of a sniper without much consideration for factors such as enjoyment when playing and it can be hard to balance,” said the top comment.

Another player commented: “I agree with you, but I personally think Widow has become even more annoying in OW2 because there’s one less tank and potentially one fewer shield. Now, if your tank decides to go monke or whatever to get her, he has to either jump away from the team or you have to dive her together which requires team coordination.”

One of the most popular suggestions was to simply nerf her health: “Personally, I think she just needs a slight health nerf so when a teammate does manage to reach her they have an easier time killing her before she grapples away,” suggested one player.

A January 5 update dropped for Overwatch 2, and the Battle of Olympus is also raging on, so the devs might have their time occupied, and we’ll have to see if they believe Widowmaker warrants any changes.

Image Credit: Blizzard

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