Old Black Ops camos we’d like to see make a return in Black Ops 4

Tommi Turunen

Call of Duty’s efforts to create extra cashflow through micro-transactions has been controversial, but the process has led to some absolute gems in the camo department.

As Call of Duties continue roll out, we want to remember the times we had with previous installments of the series. It’s a natural human reaction to want to relive pieces of our past that spark joy or wonder.

A rather uncomplicated way for developers to link their modern generation Call of Duties to the past ones is through transporting customization features from previous titles.

Mainly, we’re talking about camos from previous Black Ops games. Treyarch’s art design team has produced some of CoD’s greatest camo hits and here are some we would like to see return.

The list below includes a non-DLC camo from among the ranks of previous Black Ops titles in addition to the DLC additions. The camos are listed in the same order as the images in their respective galleries appear.

Black Ops 2

  • Bacon Camo
  • Art of War Camo
  • Benjamins Camo
  • Cyborg Camo

Black Ops 3

  • Policia Camo
  • Halcyon Camo
  • Sunshine Camo
  • Gem Camo
  • Swindler Camo
  • Energeon Camo
  • Transgression Camo
  • Storm Camo
  • Ice Camo
  • Monochrome Camo
  • eSports Organization Camos

All of these camos brought vibrancy to the multiplayer world with dynamic effects and bright, striking color palettes. Black Ops 4 already contains a great variety of original and nostalgic camos and we would like to see these classics added to the mix. Perhaps in a future Contraband stream?

With this said, we obviously understand the time constraints at Treyarch and their priorities of League Play, Blackout, and other content updates.

Inserting these old camos would require Treyarch to upgrade the old camos to current resolution standards as well as implement the new art into their game’s texture pipeline.

What skins/camos from previous Call of Duty titles would you like to see added to Black Ops 4? Tell us below or on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.