Game Modes we’d like to see return to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Tommi Turunen

Call of Duty has been around for a long while and that means there’s been a whole lot of content that’s been scrapped over the years. A major part of each yearly release involves to the removal and addition of new game modes.

While some game modes simply don’t end up working or receive too much negative feedback, there have been some great modes which have disappeared from the face of Call of Duty that should make a return at some point.

Black Ops 4 has quite a few game modes already, but we’d like to some iconic classic return from older Call of Duty games. Treyarch could use them as part of a rotational playlist with their featured weekly set to upkeep the population for each mode.

So, without further delay, here are the game modes we’d like to see return to Black Ops 4.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag used to be a mainstay in Call of Duty games. The game mode consisted of simply trying to grab the enemy flag bring it back to your base. It works well on many maps and usually made its way into competitive play (Call of Duty: WWII). It was quite a surprise to see it cut from Black Ops 4.

Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones was a party game for Black Ops 1 & 2. The game mode revolved around six players playing a Free-for-All match with specified rules. Everyone had a crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and a Combat Axe. The player would earn points for each kill and the top 3 players would win the match. However, the game mode had a twist. If a player was killed by the Combat Axe, they would be “bankrupted” and lose all of their points!


Demolition is essentially Search and Destroy with respawns. The game mode generally has had a 3 to 4 minute round timer and the objective is blow up both bomb sites on Attack and defend at least one on Defense. The game mode is a fun and fast paced game mode rooted in map control and localized objectives spread over a long distance.

Multi-Team Deathmatch

Black Ops 2 gave way to a weird, but oddly satisfying idea from Treyarch. Multi-Team Deathmatch saw three to four teams compete in a Team Deathmatch. The game mode led to interesting changes in map gameplay where teams would begin to hold down strong-points, but the map would not split in two, it got split into quadrants. The spawns were a slight problem, but with some modern polish, the game mode could be very fun in Black Ops 4.


Headquarters is the predecessor to today’s Hardpoint. A pre-determined or random rotation of small objectives which had to be captured by standing close to them. However, the game mode was a little more in-depth than Hardpoint. Once a team captured the objective, they would hold it and gain points until the enemy team came in and destroyed the HQ by standing within it. The team which held the HQ could not respawn.


Sabotage is a gamemode that we believe could be better today than it ever was in the past. Older Call of Duty games moved much slower and Sabotage is a gamemode all about speed. In Sabotage, the objective is carry a neutral Bomb to the enemy base and arm their bombsite. The bomb carrier had a “KILL” marker above their head which would mark their position every 5 seconds.

So, what game modes from Call of Duty’s past would you like to see return to Black Ops 4? Vote for your favorites in the ranked list below and then tell us about any we did not list in the comments.

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