This Warzone feature would make stim & gas mask glitch exploits useless

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Gitch exploits that allow players to survive in the gas without taking any damage have been problems faced by Call of Duty: Warzone players throughout the Call of Duty battle royale’s life, but one player recently proposed an interesting feature that could help combat these exploits.

Call of Duty: Warzone has skyrocketed to being one of the most popular video games globally following its release, and it has provided plenty of entertaining and exciting moments for players over the past year.

Unfortunately, as with many multiplayer games, various glitches and bugs have caused frustration among players, with some of the most frustrating being the stim & gas mask exploits that allow players to stay in the gas without having to worry about being eliminated from it, which for a battle royale is a major problem for players to have to face.

These exploits have popped up at different times in the life of Warzone, with the game’s developers having fixed them, but it seems that they will randomly appear out of nowhere following updates.

Warzone stim gas mask glitch exploit

The occurrence of these stim & gas mask exploits led one community member to propose an interesting feature that would stop the players using these glitch exploits from having a guaranteed win.

This proposed feature to combat stim & gas mask glitch exploits was brought to the official Warzone subreddit by community member Unsung_Squidy.

It entails utilizing a feature from the new Power Grab limited-time mode added to the game for the 80s Action Hero event at the start of Season 3 Reloaded.

This Power Grab game mode offers two ways that players can win at the end of a match. They can either eliminate all of the enemy players or achieve a successful exfil by helicopter. They must sit on a specific mark and wait until a meter fills up completely.

Unsung_Squidy proposed that Raven Software add this feature to the regular game modes of Warzone, with one change being that it appears in the middle of the very last circle that appears after the gas ring moves three times near the very end of a match.

This is the circle where the stim & gas mask glitch exploits shine, as they allow players to be as far away as possible from the final circle as it condenses and leaves no safe area for players to retreat to and keeps the enemy players from being able to have a chance of eliminating them.

This exfil chopper feature would force the stim & gas mask exploiters to come towards and inside of the last circle to stop the enemy team from winning via the exfil chopper.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will add the exfil chopper feature from the Power Grab LTM to the very last circle of the standard Warzone game modes.

Still, it certainly would help remove one of the major advantages that exploiters of the stim & gas mask glitches get from abusing it when playing.

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