Sledgehammer Games on Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Progression



Spec-Ops may have already been in Modern Warfare 2 but now they’ve kicked it up a notch. It now includes a wave-based Survival mode and a new player progression system thats similar to multiplayer. G4TV asked Sledgehammer CEO Michael Condrey how that system will work at Call of Duty XP and here’s what he had to say:

“You’re gonna have a ranking system, and your ranking is gonna be based on the scores and accomplishments on both sides, Survival and Mission,” Condrey said.

“So when you first get the game and you first fire it up, in Spec Ops you may have one map on Survival and one map on Mission. Complete those and based on performance it’ll unlock something new, something cool. Maybe you unlock a new weapon. And then you go back and play Spec Ops Survival really [well] with that weapon and it’ll open some new missions. So there’s this sort of back and forth unlocking of rewards and progressive skill upgrades.”

Condrey also mentioned that Spec Ops and multiplayer have completely separate leveling systems. This had previously been confirmed, but he tells more.

“They’re their own line,” he said of player leveling across the two different modes. “So the integrity of Spec Ops and the integrity of multiplayer are separate.”

“That was a conscious decision to make sure you could level up and do both experiences. Really get the value out of that without sitting at home playing Spec Ops as a single-player and getting to level 60 then jumping straight across [to multiplayer]. So you have to get them both.”