JGOD hits out at Warzone matchmaking favoring SBMM over connection

Andrew Highton
player dropping into verdansk with JGOD in corner

Call of Duty analytical whizz JGOD has discussed his frustrations with Warzone’s SBMM and how it prioritizes a player’s skill level over their internet connection.

SBMM has become one of the most controversial topics surrounding Call of Duty in recent years as the franchise’s matchmaking system has shifted from random, mystery lobbies to more controlled, skill-based ones.

Many pros have expressed their frustration with SBMM, including NICKMERCS, Drift0r, and Nadeshot, and now JGOD has discussed how it can negatively influence CoD: Warzone’s lobbies.

players fighting near train station in cod warzone

JGOD recently dissected a Warzone lobby by spectating it and passing off his tips on how players could be doing certain things better during the game.

He was spectating one player during the video and commented on how the player was noticeably suffering from packet loss and latency issues.

“I know a lot of people bring that up and be like I have 70 (ping) all the time, why are you complaining that it’s over 40? It just means that skill-based matchmaking is in control more of the actual matchmaking more than my connection, which gets kind of frustrating at times.”

“Because then that means that’s not a normal ping because, for me, I should be connecting to L.A. 100% of the time. There’s never a time that I’m solo queuing that I should connect to the East or Central.”

JGOD says that his internet connection is basically solid, and he should be getting a solid 15-25 ping every game instead of the 75 he sometimes gets.

The complaints about SBMM have been going on for some time now, and it doesn’t seem like something that Activision is overly concerned with at present.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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