JGOD explains why the RPD is one of the most underrated weapons in Warzone

Nicholas Barth
jgod warzone rpd

The RPD LMG is not considered to be one of the meta weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone during Season 4, but Warzone stats master JGOD recently explained why he believes the RPD is one of the most underrated weapons in the Call of Duty battle royale.

There are many weapons that players can choose from when it comes to making loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone, with some outperforming others to take the spotlight in the various metas that have dominated Warzone since it was released.

However, some weapons may not be extremely popular but can perform very well and help players secure eliminations and victories.

Warzone statistics guru JGOD recently explained why he believes the RPD LMG is one of these underrated weapons that players should try out the next time they battle on Verdansk ’84 or Rebirth Island in Season 4.

JGOD took to his YouTube account to explain why he believes the RPD is an underrated Warzone weapon by explaining that he sees it as a very easy weapon to use.

According to JGOD, there is only vertical recoil without a great deal of momentum for the first 15 to 20 bullets fired from this LMG. After this, there is no recoil at all for the RPD, which in JGOD’s eyes, makes it a great long-range weapon that any player can use effectively against multiple enemies.

This progression from very low recoil to no recoil is why JGOD thinks that the RPD is a viable weapon in Season 4 of Warzone and suggests that players try it out for themselves.

There is no doubt that the best loadout for the RPD will take advantage of this very manageable recoil and will allow players to compete with players who may be using more meta weapons in Season 4 like the Fara 83 or Krig 6.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / JGOD