JGOD explains if new AMP63 Warzone Pistol will be a meta weapon or not

Nicholas Barth
New Warzone AMP63 Pistol

Call of Duty: Warzone players can now get their hands on the new Warzone AMP63 Pistol and see if it is already ready to become a staple in the current Season 3 meta, with one of the most sought-after opinions being that of Warzone stats master JGOD.

The new Warzone AMP63 pistol was first teased by Treyarch ass arriving in Call of Duty: Warzone in the official announcement of the Season 3 Reloaded update.

This SMG and Pistol hybrid eventually arrived in the Call of Duty battle royale on June 1, 2021, and can now be used by the community to take down their enemies after a glitch had let some players unlock it early.

As with the case for every weapon that is added to the game, players have already been trying it out and see if the new Warzone AMP63 pistol is currently good enough to be considered part of the meta, which is known as the group of weapons that are better than most of their counterparts.

New Warzone AMP63 Pistol

YouTuber JGOD is the go-to voice in the community regarding in-depth weapon stats that don’t always show themselves to be obvious to players in the game itself without deep diving and analyzing.

Utilizing his expertise in all things Warzone weapon stats, JGOD recently explained whether or not he thinks this particular weapon should be considered a meta item or not at this moment.

JGOD explains how the 25 round extended magazine for this weapon is nice, especially with its fully automatic fire rate, but that the Akimbo perk actually reduces the damage of the AMP63, meaning that it will not likely be a part of the meta like the akimbo Sykov or Diamatti pistols have been in the past.

He states how some weapons may have impressive time to kill statistics like the AS VAL but are not considered a part of the meta because of things like a small magazine size or a weapon being challenging to use, leaving it more for higher-skilled players.

JGOD believes that the new AMP63 Warzone Pistol will ultimately fall into this category.

Regarding time to kill and rate of fire, the AMP63 is somewhat decent, according to JGOD, but is certainly not extremely good and requires all of its shots to hit the body or head of an enemy player to reach its full potential. Compared to other close-quarters meta weapons, a slow fire rate also does not help this new Pistol look like a new meta choice for players in Season 3 of Warzone.

Ultimately, JGOD believes that this weapon is not going to become a meta weapon in the Call of Duty battle royale anytime soon unless a significant buff to some of its stats is applied in the future, so players should not feel rushed to unlock and level this weapon up as they might have with the Sykov Pistol.

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Image Credits: Raven Software/Activision/JGOD