Crazy Warzone exploit lets players shoot enemies from outside map

Warzone’s subway system has a glitch in which players can exit the map and shoot other players from underneath.

YouTube channel DefendTheHouse has done extensive testing on Warzone’s subway system which was first introduced in Season Six. With the help of Twitter user ImNeverCreative, the team at DefendTheHouse successfully glitched underneath the map through a subway station.

While underneath the map, they could see and even eliminate players above while being completely hidden and immune to damage. Although there are some invisible walls blocking ways out, they did manage to explore further away but the gas stopped them from fully testing this. Once they went below, there was no way back into the map.

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DefendTheHouse successfully used this exploit by loading into LTM Warzone Rumble. It appears to only be doable at the subway station at Barakett Promenade East. In other subway stations, an invisible wall will block players from going the full length of the tracks but the invisible wall doesn’t exist here.

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By hopping over the ‘no entry’ sign at the left of the tracks, players can run up the side beyond the darkness that disguises the length of the tracks. They were met with a wall that can be walked through. After going through the wall, they dropped down into the area below the map from where they could see Verdansk from underneath, including players.

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Testing showed that they could shoot and eliminate players from underneath. They could not get back into the subway as there was no way back up and the wall solidified preventing a Recon Drone from flying back through.

Twitter user ImNeverCreative was specific that this would only work in Warzone Rumble. Nevertheless, it’s possible that this will work in other modes. Be on the lookout for players abusing this exploit in Promenade East.

Warzone has seen many glitches to get underneath the map, and those reported have been addressed and patched. Infinity Ward is yet to address this issue, however.

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