Coming this week to Black Ops 4 – Zero Balancing, Blackout Custom Games, and more

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Treyarch has revealed what to expect in this weeks Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update. While specific patch notes will arrive tomorrow on 18 December, here’s a sneak peak at what players should expect to see.

• Balance tuning for Zero
• Custom Games in Blackout
• Half Off Heist Featured Playlist
• Operation Absolute Zero (Xbox One/PC)
• Holiday Event in Blackout (Xbox One/PC)
• Winter Calling in Zombies (Xbox One/PC)

Treyarch also hints at some more updates to come in the 18 December game update.

The main focus here is that all the Operation Absolute Zero content will release for Xbox One and PC players. A surprise new spin on Heist is also coming called “Half Off Heist” which slashes the prices on all guns, attachments, and perks in the Heist Multiplayer mode.

Regarding the balance tuning for Zero, players can expect doubled hacking times as Treyarch mentioned on Reddit on 16 December.

We have a first-round balancing pass for Zero incoming Tuesday, including an update to double her hack time for all Scorestreaks and quadruple it for the Gunship, among other tweaks.

Thanks for your continued feedback — as with all new features, we’re paying close attention to how Zero is playing relative to the rest of the Multiplayer experience and tuning accordingly. Stay tuned for more details in our next Reddit update, and in the meantime, keep the feedback coming!

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