Call of Duty: Ghosts runs 1080p on Xbox One/PS4; new mission in Caracas detailed

Keshav Bhat

IGN and EuroGamer have posted new information regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts.

EuroGamer sat down with Mark Rubin and has confirmed that Ghosts will run 1080p on Xbox One and PS4. Mark also confirmed that all platforms will be running at 60PFS.

“We’re always so focused there anyway,” he said. “It maybe wasn’t a challenge as it is for some people. For us it’s so ingrained in the way we make our games that it just happens that way. We have a game that runs at 60 frames a second, we start putting stuff in and if something starts to affect that we’ll either tweak it or take it out. The console versions are still in severe development, but it looks good so far. We actually have a 4K TV at work and got the game running on that. It looks phenomenal. The 4K TVs have a max hertz of 30, so we’re maxing it out. It looks amazing!”

Mark Rubin also confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts is not “always online”, although playing on Xbox One will require you to connect every 24 hours.

“But the next-gen consoles do allow us to do some things with AI. It’s more situational than just saying AI in general – that’s such a blanket term. We’re able to create more new and interesting situations that maybe we haven’t seen before.”

Behind closed doors, press got a new look at a new mission set in Caracas. The enemies of this game are South American collectives.

The level opens with the Ghosts atop a skyscraper in the Venezuelan capitol. Helicopters pass overhead dropping crates containing powerful harpoon canons, which the player uses to reach a tower in the distance. As the team attaches and begin their high-altitude zipline ride across the gap, fireworks explode around them as part of an unspecified holiday celebration in the city. Running on a development PC configured to “next-gen specifications,” the sequence was an ideal representation of how the game will make use of the powerful new console hardware.

  • The mission has soldiers repealing down instead of just of stairs
  • The mission also showed off the new lean feature in action. “Infinity Ward says that this is part of a new “contextual leaning” system, which detects a player’s position in relation to an object, adjusting how far they lean accordingly.”
  • “Players will be able to keep firing their weapon with one arm as they jump over obstructions.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer and IGN

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