Call of Duty fan posts detailed infographic on Assault Rifle effectiveness in Blackout

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Black Ops 4 player breaks down the Assault Rifle class providing helpful stats.

Game time decisions just got a whole lot easier thanks to one Reddit user. ‘SonnyBeVapin‘ has done the dirty work and detailed all six Assault Rifles available in Blackout.

While players have much to choose from when it comes down to avoiding the collapse, having at least one Assault Rifle on your back is usually a safe bet. Though Shotguns and Light Machine Guns have their own situations where they come in handy, the AR is an all-around gun.

However, the question comes when you have to decide which Assault Rifle you want to invest time and attachments into. The below infograph that SonnyBeVapin crafted up shows the damage of each gun, and the damage fall off at long range.

(Image via u/SonnyBeVapin)

All these numbers are assuming the gun has no barrel attachments and the enemy player is not wearing any armor.

These finding show a couple things. The KN-57 and Rampart 17 both have the highest damage output in general, however the VAPR-XKG does the most damage at the longest range of all AR’s. It’s also interesting to note that the Maddox RFB does the least damage regardless of range.

Sonny goes on to post an updated infograph with time to kill statistics. The SWAT RFT, KN-57, and Rampart 17 all take five shots to kill. VAPR-XKG and ICR-7 take five to six shots to kill, while the Maddox RFB takes a large six to seven shots to kill.

(Image via u/SonnyBeVapin)

What can be gathered from these infographics is that when going for pure damage, the VAPR-XKG is the best Assault Rifle in Blackout, the Maddox RFB is unfortunately the worst AR in Blackout, and that the newly added SWAT-RFT is competent contender in the world of Black Ops 4 AR’s.

Like the look of the these stats? What guns are you rocking in Blackout? Let us know in the comments below!