Black Ops 4 glitch makes players immune to Nomad’s dog

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Reddit user finds one simple trick to avoid being mauled by Nomad’s dog in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

While staying perfectly still during a bear attack may be a bad idea, it’s currently the best way to remain safe during a dog attack in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

On 18 December, Reddit user ‘Mathishian29‘ posted a video highlighting this this newly discovered glitch.

If the enemy team’s specialist Nomad calls his K-9 unit, to avoid taking any damage, all you need to do is emote. In the video Mathishian29 posts, he can be seen using the Tranquility gesture while Nomad’s dog, Juneau, is viciously attacking him.

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Juneau tries to attack the player several times dealing no damage, before simply running off to find her next target.

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The gesture Mathisihain29 is using is a Rare quality emote found in last seasons Black Market Contraband offerings. When used, the player sits indefinitely in a crossed legged position until the player moves them. This is different from other gestures as it doesn’t automatically bring you back to first person view unless the player interrupts it.

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It is unclear whether this glitch works on all gestures or just the Tranquility one.

The most recent balancing patch done to Nomad came on 5 December which “Updated Nomad’s K9-Unit AI to address an issue that prevented Juneau from pathing to enemies under certain circumstances.”

At the time of writing, Treyarch has not yet acknowledged this glitch, however there is a game settings update coming later today.

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