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Call of Duty

New “Ethereal Razor” Perk Breakdown in Black Ops 4 Zombies



Here’s how to use the hidden features of Black Ops 4 Zombies latest perk, Ethereal Razor.

After launching with an unprecedented 14 perks, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has recently added a fifteenth perk to the mix in a free update with Operation Grand Heist.

The new perk, Ethereal Razor, may seem pointless and a little redundant at first, but when used to its full potential this perk packs a good amount of punch.

The in-game description for Ethereal Razor reads:

Offhand melee swipes affect multiple enemies in an arc. Offhand swipe and lunge give bonus damage and restore a small amount of health.

Modifier: Offhand lunge attacks instantly kill basic zombies, do greater bonus damage to others. Weapon reload speed is increased.

Lunging with the Ethereal Razor Perk

All that sound a little confusing? Thankfully Zombies Youtuber, “Glitch“, broke down what each of these terms mean. A melee when standing still or moving backwards is a Swipe. A melee while moving forwards is a Lunge.

When not in the modifier slot, a Swipe is a one-hit kill until round 7, while a Lunge is a one-hit kill until round 15. In the modifier slot the Swipe damage remains the same while Lunges one-hit kill zombies until round 50. It’s also important to note that the swipes strike enemies in an arc motion, allowing you to kill several at once. These damage effects stack with other melee items like the Bowie Knife, Stake Knife, Spoon, etc.

Another added bonus of this perk is it’s restorative health features. Swipe damage heals you for 10 points and Lunges restore 40 health points. The modifier does not affect health restoration.

At 4,000 points (5,500 in Modifier slot) this Perk is definitely on the pricier side, however certain play styles might gravitate towards this perk. For example, running this alongside Electric Burst will help you escape when trapped by zombies in a corner when trying to reload.

Personally, I see how this Perk could be used and how fun it can be. Meleeing zombies up close while constantly regenerating health sure is different way to play zombies, but I can’t imagine wasting one of my four perk slots on it.

Check out Glitch’s video below to see where all these stats came from: