NBA 2K24 Season 1: End date, all game modes & rewards

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Washington Wizard Jordan Poole in NBA 2K24.2K Games

The NBA 2K24 dev team revealed all the details of Season 1, including all the game modes and rewards from the Season Pass and the date when Season 1 will come to an end.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 is already underway, and no matter what your favorite game mode is, with the new Season Pass, you will earn rewards in both MyCAREER mode and MyTEAM mode as you level up. Below, we have compiled some of the most notable rewards from this first season.

However, Season 1 will not last forever, and 2K Games have already confirmed when it will end. That’s why you shouldn’t waste time and continue leveling up in the Season Pass to acquire all the NBA 2K24 Season 1 rewards.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 end date

2K Games announced that the NBA 2K24 Season 1 will end on October 21, 2023. It’s expected that NBA 2K24 Season 2 will be announced to begin on October 22, 2023. This means that fans still have a little over a month to reach level 40 and claim all the season rewards.

Stephen Curry in NBA 2K242K Games
NBA 2K24 Season 1 will end on October 21, 2023.

NBA 2K24 Season 1: All MyCAREER rewards

During NBA 2K24 Season 1, players will be able to earn a lot of rewards for their players on MyCAREER mode, including shot meters, emote packs, coins, cosmetics, banners, badges, and more. Reaching level 40, current-gen console players will be able to claim a Gold Floor Setter, while last-gen players will acquire an Extra Badge Point.

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NBA 2K24 Season 1: All MyTEAM rewards

The devs provided the full list of rewards that fans can get through the NBA 2K24 Season 1 in MyTEAM mode. There are more than 80 rewards up for grabs across the three Season Passes: Pro Pass, Hall of Fame Pass, and the free Season Pass.

Player cards rewards

Among the most sought-after rewards by users are the Player cards. These unique editions of the Season Pass cannot be obtained in any other way than reaching the required level, and they cannot be purchased in the market.

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Below, we have listed all the Player and coach cards that 2K Games have revealed for the Season 1 Pass. However, the devs have only disclosed the level requirements and stats for two-level rewards, Level 1 and Level 40.

  • 90 OVR Free Agent LeBron James – Level 1
  • 80 OVR Emerald Kevin Garnet – Level 10
  • 83 OVR Emerald Jordan Clarkson – Level 15
  • 84 OVR Sapphire Vlade Divac – Level 20
  • 87 OVR Ruby Bradley Beal – Level 25
  • Amethyst Phill Jackson (coach) – Level 33
  • 90 OVR Amethyst Magic Johnson – Level35
  • 94 Diamond Kyrie Irving – 94 Overall, PG/SG (Level 40)
  • 94 Diamond Brandon Roy – 94 Overall, SG/SF (Level 40 after hitting all Season 1 players)

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Season 1 Premium Passes rewards

Those who buy the Pro Pass during Season 1 will also gain access to these rewards:

  • 20K MyTEAM coins
  • 45K VC (in-game currency)
  • 89 OVR Ruby Giannis Antetokounmpo Card
  • Special alternate artwork version of Diamond Kyrie Irving.

Lastly, players who acquire the Hall of Fame Pass, in addition to receiving all the aforementioned rewards, will also get:

  • 15% XP Boost bonus throughout the season
  • 15K VC immediately applied
  • 10-level skips immediately applied
Diamond Kyrie Irving level-40 reward in NBA 2K24Pro Pass and Hall of Fame Pass members will receive this special alternate artwork version of Kyrie Irving.

NBA 2K24 Season 1: All The W rewards

Check below to see what weekly rewards await you in The W mode:

  • Brittney Griner Jersey
  • Team Accelerator Boosts
  • Team Resilience Boosts
  • Team Extender Boosts
  • Helping Hands Boosts
  • Player Boosts

Finally, check out all the NBA 2K24 The W Season 1 rewards:

  • MyTEAM Ace Jersey Card
  • Tanisha Wright Historic T-Shirt
  • Satou Sabally Jersey
  • Brittney Griner All-Star Jersey
  • Clothing Bundles

That’s all you need to know so far about NBA 2K24 Season 1. For more about NBA 2K24, check out our other guides.

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