How to fake pass in NBA 2K24: Input & tips

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander against Jamal Murray in NBA 2K242K Games

In NBA 2K24, if you’re facing a tight defense, you can perform a fake pass to distract the defender and create openings to attack the rim. Here are the button inputs to execute this move and evade the defense in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 offers a wide range of skill moves to help you navigate through various situations on the court. Whether it’s for great finishes like dunks, the acrobatic Euro step, or for spectacular flashy passes that will excite the crowd and significantly improve your teammate’s grade for the game.

Among the different types of passes, there’s the popular fake pass that allows you to deceive the defense, as LeBron James has done on multiple occasions. If you want to perform this move in NBA 2K24, here are the input commands for the fake pass for both PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

NBA 2K24: How to throw a fake pass

To do a fake pass in NBA 2K24, press Triangle and Circle (on PlayStation) or Y and B (on Xbox) at the same time. This way, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving or stationary, your player will perform the skill move to try and create space in the defense.

Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K242K Games
Players with a higher ball-handling rating tend to perform better fake passes.

The first tip you should keep in mind is that with the left stick, you can aim in the direction where you want to perform the fake pass. This way, if you aim at an open teammate, it will be easier to shake off your defender as they will try to intercept that pass.

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Last but not least, you have to consider that the fake pass animation is quick, so once you’ve executed the move, you should be ready for your next play, whether it’s driving to the basket, taking a three-pointer, etc.

That’s all you need to know in order to perform a fake pass in NBA 2K24. For more about the 2K Games installment, check out our other related guides.

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