YouTubers conduct test of Skill Based Matchmaking in Modern Warfare

Keshav Bhat

One of the hot topics in regards to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since the launch is the matchmaking system used in the game.

Fans have claimed in many, many Reddit threads that skill based matchmaking is in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and have been spamming developers across social channels asking for it to be removed.

YouTubers Drift0r and TheXclusiveAce have done a thorough testing of the matchmaking system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and have released two separate videos describing their conclusions based on their testing.

The entire data sheet is public HERE and available for anyone to review it.

Based on their testing, these were the conclusions they made based on the actual data and real information versus the feelings:

  • Call of Duty matchmaking does not prioritize skill over connection for matchmaking – it ensures the best/fastest server is prioritized.
  • High Stat players do not match together
  • Modern Warfare appears to heavily match players with similar player ranks together
  • Modern Warfare appears to match make in some cases players based on their performance in their recent games, not lifetime game stats. XclusiveAce states that some testing shows its based on the last 5 games performance. This means reverse boosting won’t change anything in this game in the long run.
  • Based on their testing, there is some hidden MMR system active in Modern Warfare.

With this mind, there does not appear to be a full fledged SBMM system in Modern Warfare active that fans believe there is. There does appear to be some stat based match making that is causing some games to be more skill focused than other matches. A lot of the issues has been around people believing others on Reddit and jumping on the train that their stats are negative because someone else is experiencing some skill matchmaking.



Infinity Ward yet to officially acknowledge SBMM even in being in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or any details on how the system is doing matchmaking.

We will update as we learn more.