Xbox One issue with you are too early error message while accessing Modern Warfare Beta is now fixed

Keshav Bhat

UPDATE – Sept. 19 at 2:23PM ET: Xbox appears to have fixed the issue. The beta should now be loading.

UPDATE – Sept. 19 at 1:50PM ET: Xbox has updated their status page to acknowledge that there’s an issue with loading up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta on the platform.

Original Story:

Many Xbox One users who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare digitally directly on the Xbox One store are currently unable to access the Modern Warfare Beta on the platform.

Users on Xbox One are being hit with a ‘You are too early’ the beta when trying to launch the the Modern Warfare Beta app on the Xbox One console.

The issue appears to be for those who pre-ordered digitally.

The Xbox Live Service Status page currently says that they are aware of an issue with purchasing and accessing some digital content on their platform, but it does not directly address the issue with Modern Warfare Beta.

The issue could stem from the fact that the Xbox Store currently says that the Modern Warfare Beta’s official release date is Sept. 21, the start of the Open Beta versus allowing users to access it now as part of the Early Access release.

We’ve reached out to both Xbox and Activision. We’ll keep you updated.

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