Unreleased CoD 4 weapon reportedly found in Modern Warfare game files

Liam Mackay
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operator

Dataminers have reportedly discovered yet another unreleased weapon in Modern Warfare’s game files, this time finding a weapon closely resembling CoD 4’s G3.

Although Modern Warfare‘s content cycle ended in November 2020, the developers have been drip-feeding more and more content into the game.

New maps Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage arrived, as well as the incredibly powerful Sykov, CX-9, and RAAL MG.

These weapons and maps were discovered in the game files long before they were released in Modern Warfare. Still, now data miners have reportedly discovered more unreleased content, with a weapon closely resembling CoD 4’s G3 found in the game files.

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Drift0r using the G3 Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare Remastered

Reddit user purpleperson9 posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit claiming to have found an “Unused/cut weapon sn_gamma3” and a “cut map called mp_furnace” in the game files.

In the images attached, we can see the weapon’s model is unfinished as it’s completely white, but players were quick to notice that’s it’s the spitting image of Call of Duty 4’s G3.

Some players realized that its file name, ‘gamma3,’ could be a strong hint that it was intended to be a G3.

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However, Reddit user threepete3 reckons that it wasn’t included because “it would likely perform too similar to the FAL.” Others said it would likely be very similar to the FN Scar, AK-47, and CR-56 AMAX – powerful Assault Rifles with a slow fire rate.

Alongside the new weapon, the dataminer revealed the unreleased map, titled ‘furnace’ in the game files. Eagle-eyed players recognized the area as the bridge from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign mission ‘Into The Furnace.”

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There’s no guarantee that Furnace or the ‘gamma3’ will ever make their way to Modern Warfare, and with Vanguard on the horizon, it’s becoming more and more unlikely.

However, Black Ops Cold War fans should still have more content to look forward to as the game is reported to be the “most supported CoD title” ever after Vanguard releases.

Image Credit: Activision / Drift0r

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