Report: Call of Duty 2019 is not Call of Duty: Ghosts 2

Keshav Bhat

It’s 2019, and the rumors for what this year’s new Call of Duty game have already started to float around.

The latest rumors is fans guessing what Infinity Ward’s Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, is teasing on her personal Twitter. Ashton has been posting ghost related GIFs on her profile the last few weeks without context, and many are assuming its a teaser for the 2019 Call of Duty game. Usually, new Call of Duty games are not teased until earliest March, with reveal in May.

Fans have been assuming that Ashton’s tweets with Ghosts GIFs appear to be teasing Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. But, Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier — who is known for industry sources — has responded on a thread on ResetEra saying Call of Duty 2019 is not Ghosts 2.

“It ain’t Ghosts 2!” 

This does line up with some information that charlieINTEL has heard. Back in May 2018, we posted an article with the latest information we had on the 2019 game, which is supposed to be a new entry into the Modern Warfare series, presumably Modern Warfare 4.

Activision’s former CEO – who reported the company in March 2018 – said in February 2018 that the company had many created universes on tap ready for future titles; he also said that the upcoming slate of Call of Duty titles would be the best in franchise history. “Its suffice to say I think we have the best 3 year slate in Call of Duty’s history, which is really saying something given this franchise’s history,” Hirshberg said. He followed up by also saying that they have many game universes that ‘players love’ on tap. “And I think we’ve got multiple different game universes that we know our players love on tap, so obviously, more to come on that.”

Activision has not announced any details on the 2019 Call of Duty game from Infinity Ward as of now. The earliest we can expect any details from Activision on the title is March.

As always, stay tuned for what’s to come in 2019.

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