Modern Warfare & Warzone Loadouts separated after new update

Liam Mackay

A long-requested feature has been added to Warzone with loadouts between Warzone and Modern Warfare’s multiplayer now being independent of each other.

The November 9 update has brought with it Private Matches, reduced file sizes, and bug fixes. This update has also separated Warzone loadouts from multiplayer loadouts.

Upon launching Modern Warfare, you will be met with a title screen giving the choice between Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare. After going into the menus and selecting the Weapons tab, a message pops up informing you that Warzone and Modern Warfare loadouts are now independent of each other.

A welcome update

Players have long complained about Warzone and multiplayer loadouts being linked. When Modern Warfare first launched, there were only five loadout slots. After the community asked for more, another five were soon added.

Multiplayer and Warzone require very different loadouts. For example, multiplayer usually favors close-range weapons with a wide variety of Perks.

Warzone has a clear-cut META with most players bringing both a long-range and close-range weapon into Verdansk. You need a mix of classes with Ghost and Overkill to get both your weapons and keep yourself off the radar as the match progresses.

Now, players have much more choice in what they bring in to multiplayer and Warzone. Loadouts can be tailored to specific game modes and areas of Verdansk. If the final circle pulls to an open area, players might want to have a Sniper Rifle class to take from the end-game Loadout drop.

As Black Ops Cold War prepares to launch, this is the first sign that Warzone has begun to shift more towards an independent mode.