Modern Warfare players frustrated as game becomes a Cold War advertisement

Keshav Bhat

Modern Warfare multiplayer players have become increasingly frustrated recently as the title has turned into an ad for the new Black Ops Cold War.

With the new updates for Modern Warfare over the month of December, the game’s menu system has updated to now include Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare featured. This was part of Activision’s push to unify the games and integrate Warzone across the board.

The game loads up with an option to “Purchase” Black Ops Cold War:

However, in doing so, the updates have basically turned Modern Warfare into a massive advertisement for Black Ops Cold War.

When Season 1 of Cold War & Warzone launched on Dec. 16, Modern Warfare’s loading screen now has a massive Black Ops Cold War & Warzone feature image, showcasing an Operator that’s not even useable in Modern Warfare MP.

If you’re loading up Modern Warfare, here’s the screen you’re met with:

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®_20201221170931

The biggest problem, however, that has been described by players on Reddit on both r/games and r/modernwarfare is surrounding the Battle Pass.

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone’s Season One Battle Pass shows up in the Modern Warfare MP Menu. Activision has stated that players can progress the Battle Pass XP by playing Modern Warfare MP, which is great. However, none of the content is useable in Modern Warfare MP. And, some players on Reddit are upset because there’s no warning before purchasing the Battle Pass within MW MP.

The items in the Battle Pass feature a BLACK OPS or WARZONE logos on it to showcase which game its useable in, but the question remains as to why the pass is even being advertised to purchase in Modern Warfare if practically none of the content is actually useable in it.

New Modern Warfare Content

Players have kept hope for the potential of new content for Modern Warfare at some point. We don’t expect there to be a full featured season for the game. But there’s data mining that has revealed two new Operators, including Soap and Sparks, alongside potential new MP maps.

Modern Warfare is the most successful Call of Duty game of all time, per Activision Blizzard. It remains to be seen why the company decided to turn it into a big advertisement for Black Ops Cold War, when the game’s are quite different in play style.

Image Credits: Reddit & Activision

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