Modern Warfare devs finally fix frustrating issues with Killhouse & Al-Raab maps

Killhouse and Al-Raab in Modern Warfare

The Killhouse and Al-Raab maps in Modern Warfare were being plagued by a strange glitch that has now been patched up by the developers, much to the relief of players.

Modern Warfare players have seen their fair share of bizarre bugs and glitches that have strange effects on gameplay, such as giving you wallhacks. There have also been a few issues with some of the game’s maps.

Players had been frustrated with the state of the Killhouse and Al-Raab maps, and these complaints didn’t go unnoticed by the developers. Now, Modern Warfare fans are reporting that these issues seem to have been resolved.

Modern Warfare Al-Raab Airbase

Reddit user ‘lloydchristmas1986’ claimed that whenever they tried to play the Killhouse or Al-Raab Airbase maps in Modern Warfare, it would switch to Team Deathmatch mode and everybody in the lobby would be assigned to the same team.

If players attempted to search for a new match, it would just send them to another lobby for the same TDM map, so they’d have to wait a few minutes and try again before they could get past this problem.

Now, the Redditor claims that this problem has been resolved: “Been playing free-for-all for over a year and yesterday was the first time I ever got to play these maps without it doing the team deathmatch/one-sided lobby glitch.”

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Many of the commenters were relieved to hear about this fix, as they had been facing the same issues on these maps for a year. One user commented: “Hell yea finally! It only took a year!”

The Al-Raab map is relatively larger than the standard 6v6 areas that you would see in Call of Duty titles. Players can take advantage of its verticality and long lanes to pick off their opponents with Sniper Rifles.

It was frustrating for players to be limited to Team Deathmatches when they wanted to engage in Free-For-All combat, so it’s relieving to know that the Modern Warfare developers took the time to address this issue.

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Image Credit: Activision

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