Colored names not intended feature in Modern Warfare, working to remove

Keshav Bhat

Following the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on February 11, Infinity Ward added in a feature for Regiments support in the game to allow players to be part of a Clan together directly in-game.

As part of this feature, some users noticed that having tags within Regiments changed the colors of their name plates in games. It has caused issues where enemy players can appear blue because of the name plate changing colors for their Regiments.

Infinity Ward has confirmed now on Reddit that changing name plate colors is not an intended feature but rather a bug that they are actively working to fix ASAP.

Here’s the developers explanation:

Hi everyone –

This is a bug. Colorized names is not intended to be something players can do.

We are doing a pass now to fix regiments that have offending tags set up causing their names to be colorized.

We are also implementing additional protections against the creation of regiments that have invalid characters in their tag.

This should be cleaned up soon – feel free to report players with colorized names and we will take a look.


Stay tuned for any updates on this.

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