Modern Warfare dev says rumors of overhaul was ‘fake’ to ‘get attention’

Keshav Bhat

Back in early November, YouTuber TheGamingRevoYT put up a tweet claiming that a “massive overhaul” would be coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at “the end of November.” He stated that his sources who was feeding him info throughout the year told him that such a thing was happening.

Now, Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot has completely shut down that rumor as an attention grabbing tweet by TheGamingRevoYT.

In a tweet he says that “Overhaul was a fake statement to get attention” by TheGamingRevoYT.

He says that they are “constantly updating the game once a week, sometimes even twice” and followed up that Season 1 is “incoming.”

Season 1 for Modern Warfare is set to begin on December 3 across all platforms with new content for MP and Special Ops alongside other updates to the game.

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