MLB The Show 24 all new gameplay features explained: Pitching interface, throws, more

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MLB The Show 24 player catching

MLB The Show 24 early access is around the corner and San Diego Studios have revealed all the details about new gameplay features of MLB The Show 24. Check out all the changes and new additions they will implement in the new installment of the MLB The Show franchise.

As we approach the release date of MLB The Show 24, San Diego Studios continue to reveal the details that will come to the new installment of the baseball franchise.

So far, the devs have already announced all the pre-order bonuses, available platforms, and even the game modes, with a special mention to the Storylines Mode and all their playable stories.

However, fans are eager to know what the new gameplay features are, and fortunately for them, San Diego Studios shared all the changes and new additions that will arrive to the MLB The Show 24 gameplay.

Here are all MLB The Show 24 new gameplay features explained.

All MLB The Show 24 new gameplay features

To the surprise of many fans, San Diego Studios didn’t make major changes to the gameplay of MLB The Show 24 but they made some tweaks to the most complained mechanics.

The devs have stated, “Our goal is to continue to create the most realistic baseball experience, along with empowering players with total control over on-field actions, ultimately making sure ‘players skill’ and ‘team creation’ are the determining factors.”

Zac Gallen pitching MLB The Show 24
The pitching mechanic is one of the main targets of changes in MLB The Show 24.

Without further ado, here are all the new features available in MLB The Show 24.

  • Pinpoint Pitching interface
  • New throws
  • New animations

Revamped Pinpoint Pitching interface

Four new pitching gestures have been included, bringing the number up to 14. The devs also made some additional changes to the sinker gesture, “which is now more difficult to execute based on community feedback,” they stated.

New throws

In the quest for more immersive gameplay, San Diego Studios added a variety of new 1B throws from the ground to all bases, enabling 1B to efficiently make throws from all overstretch scenarios.

New animations

The devs also added 400 new animations and logic improvements focusing on fielder urgency. In addition, regarding the new disengagement rule, Pitchers also receive new animations that will allow them to step off to fake throw and potentially nab the runner trying to take advantage of the third disengagement.

All in all, those were all the new gameplay features added by San Diego Studios in MLB The Show 24. We’ll make sure to update this page once devs reveal more information about this new installment.

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