Sniffer in Minecraft: Breeding, hatching, more

Anmol David
A Sniffer realxing on a mountain in Minecraft.

The Sniffer is a relatively new mob in Minecraft, so players might not know how to interact with it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sniffer in Minecraft.

The Sniffer was introduced to the Minecraft world with the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update. Voted into the game by fans, the mob is quite resourceful, as it can dig up some interesting types of seeds for players to use during their adventures.

Sniffers are referred to as “ancient” by Mojang, and are quite rare, which makes them quite different from other mobs like Axolotls, Frogs, Horses, Turtles, and more. However, this hasn’t stopped players from searching for them while exploring the world of Minecraft. If you’re wondering how to locate, breed, or hatch the Sniffer in Minecraft, read on.

A Minecraft Sniffer "sniffing".
A Sniffer’s nose is its biggest asset.

Minecraft: How to locate a Sniffer mob

You can find the Sniffer mob in the Warm Ocean Ruins biome in Minecraft. These biomes house a new block named suspicious sand. Thanks to the recently introduced archaeology mechanic, you can use the brush tool to extract unique items from within them. One of these items is a Sniffer egg, and hatching it will spawn a Sniffer.

What makes Sniffers pretty interesting is that they can’t spawn naturally since they’re officially designated as extinct by Mojang Studios. So, digging up Sniffer eggs is the only way to acquire this mob.

How to hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

To hatch a Sniffer egg, you’ll need to place it down on any block and simply wait. Putting it down on a moss block will accelerate this process, so consider doing that. For reference, the Minecraft Wiki tells us that a Sniffer egg takes 10 minutes to hatch on a moss block while taking around 20 minutes on a non-moss block.

How to breed a Sniffer in Minecraft

You can breed Sniffers using Torchflower seeds. If you’re tired of looking for Sniffer eggs through suspicious sand in Minecraft after you’ve already found at least two of them, then breeding is a great way to multiply their numbers and acquire more of them.

To start the breeding process, you’ll need to get two Sniffers to find Torchflowerr seeds using their ability. Once this happens, feed each of them a seed to get them to breed. This will result in the birth of a Snifflet, which will eventually grow into a Sniffler.

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