How to get a command block in Minecraft

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Command blocks in Minecraft

Command blocks greatly add to Minecraft’s sandbox nature by providing players with several customization options related to their world. Here’s how to get a command block in Minecraft.

From copper to amethyst, Minecraft has a wide variety of blocks that you can use for building houses, crafting items, and other things. Moreover, every block can be found naturally in The Overworld, the Nether, or the End.

The only exception to this is the command block. This unique item runs on Redstone and allows the world’s creator to set rules, build TNT towers, and do things that would seem impossible in the standard game. Basically, it is a block that replicates cheats.

Getting a command block in Minecraft is fairly easy, and here’s how to do it.

Command blocks and Redstone in Minecraft

How to unlock a command block in Minecraft

To use a command block in Minecraft, ensure that you’re playing in Creative mode and the world supports cheats. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft and go to Singleplayer > Create New World.
  2. Choose Creative as the Game Mode and select ON for the Allow Cheats setting.

You can also change these settings in an existing world through the pause menu:

  1. Enter your world.
  2. Open the pause menu by pressing Esc on a keyboard and selecting ‘Open to LAN’.
  3. Turn ON the Allow Cheats setting and choose the Start LAN World option at the bottom.
  4. Now, open the chat box by pressing T and use /gamemode 1 to enter Creative mode.

Assuming that you’re in Creative mode and cheats are enabled, follow these steps to get a command block in Minecraft Java or Bedrock edition:

  1. Launch the game and enter the world in which you want a command block.
  2. When inside the world, tap T on a keyboard or the right D-pad on a controller to open up the chat box.
  3. Type – /give @p command_block or /give [your username] minecraft:command_block.
  4. The command block should automatically appear in your inventory now.

How to use a command block in Minecraft

A command block in Minecraft has three major options and here’s how they work:

  • Block Type: Decides the frequency of the command block’s usage. It only works once if you choose Impulse, works indefinitely if you choose Repeat/Current, and will work only after another command block if you choose Chain.
  • Condition: By deciding between Conditional and Unconditional, you can choose if the selected command block will run after the connected command block runs successfully or not.
  • Redstone: Lets you decide if the command block works automatically or with Redstone.
Redstone switch in Minecraft

With this guide, you should be able to place a command block in your Minecraft world and create gameplay loops. For similar content, check out how to make a fence, how to hatch a dragon egg, and how to make an elevator.

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