Minecraft Legends: Release date, platforms, story, new mobs, more

Minecraft Legends official artwork

Minecraft Legends will soon hit the stores and millions of players around the world are excited to try out this new action RPG. From its release date and story to new features and major announcements, here’s everything to know about Minecraft Legends.

Following the success of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang is all set to hop into the action RPG genre with Minecraft Legends. The upcoming game can take the franchise to new heights as there’s a ton of new content alongside the familiarity of roaming around your Overworld among mobs like creepers, pigs, turtles, and more.

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Minecraft Legends has a dedicated story campaign that revolves around a piglins invasion from the Nether. It is set in a time when the different mobs in the Overworld lived very peacefully and you have to unite them to overthrow the piglins.

With the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at everything major we know about Minecraft Legends.

Gameplay screengrab from Minecraft LegendsCrafting in Minecraft Legends is different from its sandbox counterpart.

Minecraft Legends release date

Minecraft Legends will be officially released on April 18, 2023. This was confirmed in an Xbox event in 2023 and later, the upcoming RPG was added to the Xbox Game Pass’ ‘Coming to Game Pass’ section with April 18 as its release date.

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Hence, unless there aren’t any unexpected delays, you should be able to play Minecraft Legends towards the end of April 2023.

What platforms is Minecraft Legends releasing on?

The official Minecraft Legends trailers on YouTube have revealed that the game will release on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Legends open-world with hero and mobsCreepers in Minecraft Legends are friends, not enemies.

Minecraft Legends Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition price

At launch, Minecraft Legends will release in two versions: the Standard Edition which costs $39.99, and the Deluxe Edition which costs $49.99. The latter has a Deluxe skin pack that you can purchase for $14.99 eventually but the Deluxe Editon is a discounted package.

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Minecraft Legends Deluxe skin pack has one hero skin and a total of five mount skins.

Minecraft Legends story explained

According to Minecraft Legends developers, the game is based on a legend that demonstrates the war between the mobs of the Overworld and the piglins from the Nether. This is long before the Overworld you currently see in which mobs are hostile and survival is a primary task.

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In Minecraft Legends, mobs like Creepers and Golems are your allies as the world was quite peaceful before the piglin invasion. You’re a hero who unites these mobs and uses their unique abilities to defeat the Nether’s enemies.

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You can find more information on the game’s setting in this Minecraft Legends Dev Dairies episode:

Are there new mobs in Minecraft Legends?

Yes, Minecraft Legends will introduce a wide range of new mobs that’ll help you defeat the piglins. The trailers so far have showcased rideable regal tigers and different variants of the golems such as Plank Golem, Cobblestone Golem, Grindstone Golem, and Mossy Golem.

While some golems have healing abilities, others help in attacking enemies. With such a diverse set of allies, you have to come up with strategies and quickly take decisions to destroy the several Nether Portals in the Overworld.

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Having said that, you’ll also find classic mobs like pigs, cats, foxes, turtles, and llamas in Minecraft Legends. They’ll follow you around and help with resource collection and exploration.

We recommend checking out this official video if you’re interested to know about the new mobs and the inspiration behind their designs in Minecraft Legends:

All major Minecraft Legends announcements and story trailers

Minecraft Direct 2022

It all started with Minecraft Live 2022 where we got our first look at Minecraft Legends and the developers even showed some gameplay elements. They talked about the Well of Fate that grants you tools and lets you meet some important NPCs.

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Story and cinematic trailers

You can find a bunch of cinematic and story trailers for Minecraft Legends on the official Minecraft YouTube channel. Some reveal the awe-inspiring biomes we’ll have to explore in the game while others show the wrath of the piglins.

All in all, Minecraft Legends is a game that is heavily inspired by the original sandbox title. At the same time, the open world is much more interactive and all mobs will have different abilities. You’ll experience classic storytelling but the combat will require strategy-building as every mob will outshine in certain scenarios.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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