How to copy a Map in Minecraft

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A detailed Minecraft Map

In Minecraft, there are times when you need to copy a map. For example, it ensures that if you lose the original, you have a backup available immediately and be able to get to the spots you’ve explored with ease. Here, we’ll take you through the full process.

Maps in Minecraft, just like real life, are a part of an explorer’s toolkit. You’ll need these to keep your bearings and keep track of any material hotspots such as Diamonds, Redstone, Prismarine, and more.

Let’s get into how to copy maps you already have prepped, as well as crafting fresh ones, so you are able to see what areas have already been taken care of.

How to copy a Minecraft map

To copy a map in Minecraft, you must put an already crafted map in a Crafting or Cartography Table, alongside a blank map, and you’ll receive two copies of the same map.

Two Minecraft Map icons
Copying a map is essential for avid adventurers.

As previously stated, this can be very useful as you’re able to store another for safekeeping, just in case you get blindsided by a Creeper. Moreover, if you’re in a multiplayer world, you can pass the other to your fellow survivors and work of the same hymn sheet.

How to craft a map in Minecraft

To initially craft a map in Minecraft, you will need to put nine pieces of Paper in a Crafting Table. This will produce a completely blank map that can be populated. However, if you use eight pieces of Paper, leaving a space in the middle to slot in a Compass, this will create a map that has location markers on it, making it infinitely more useful.

As shown in the steps for copying a map above, you will need that first map crafted already, making it vital you know this information. You can sometimes find maps in chests hidden throughout the world, but it is almost like finding a needle in a haystack, and can take some serious time.

And that’s all you need to know for both copying and crafting maps in Minecraft. These maps are almost a necessity if you want to do some serious exploring and plot out where you have and haven’t been.

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