How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
A settlement in Minecraft's desert biome

Minecraft is not the most demanding game out there but it might require more RAM if you’re using mods and shaders. In this guide, we’ll talk about the procedure to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

Minecraft is easily one of the most popular games in the world but to be fair, it didn’t sell millions of copies for its visuals and graphics quality. Instead, players have been captivated by the sandbox mechanics that allow them to craft countless items and explore a massive Overworld full of resources and animals.

Having said that, Minecraft can be visually upgraded through several third-party features like mods, texture packs, and shaders. This naturally makes running the game tougher for certain devices, and allocating more RAM is one of the most obvious solutions.

On that note, here’s how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

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How to run Minecraft smoothly by allocating more RAM

You can follow these simple steps to allocate more RAM to Minecraft and significantly increase the game’s FPS:

  1. Head to your PC’s System Information and note down its RAM. Ideally, you should not be allocating more than half of your device’s RAM to Minecraft.
  2. Launch the Minecraft launcher.
  3. Go to Installations and select the latest version of the game.
  4. Tap on the three dots right beside the Play button.
  5. Go to Edit > More Options > JVM Arguments.
  6. The – Xmx2G– command signifies that you’ve allocated 2 GB RAM to Minecraft. Change the 2 to the amount of RAM you want to allocate to Minecraft. Make sure to keep it less than half of your device’s total RAM.
  7. Hence, to grant 4 GB RAM to Minecraft, you can change Xmx2G to Xmx4G.
  8. Tap Save to confirm the changes.

While the procedure mentioned above is slightly complex, other launchers like CurseForge and TLauncher offer straightforward settings for allocating RAM. Simply search these consoles for RAM-related settings and you’ll get an option to increase/decrease RAM allocation.

Jungle in Minecraft

How to allocate more RAM to your Minecraft server

Follow these steps to increase the amount of RAM allocated to your own Minecraft server:

  1. Open the folder that contains all your Minecraft server files.
  2. Make a new text document and type . 1024 here signifies that 1 GB RAM has been allocated to your server.
  3. Replace both 1024 values with the amount of RAM you want to allocate. For instance, if you want to allocate 3 GM RAM, type .
  4. Save the document as All Files and later rename it to file server launcher.bat.
  5. Click on the new .bat file to run your Minecraft server with increased RAM allocation.

Well, this was everything to know about allocating more RAM to Minecraft and your servers. For similar content, you can check out how to beat Minecraft, how to make a map, and the best Minecraft XP farms.

Image Credits: Mojang