All Firsts in Minecraft Legends: Locations, how to wake up & revival cost

Minecraft Legends character standing in front of a First

Waking up the Firsts in Minecraft Legends is important if you want to have the strongest mob in the game by your side. Here’s a list of all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends, their locations, how you can wake them up, and the revival cost.

Minecraft Legends has turned the tables by making mobs of the Overworld friendly. The latest action RPG by Mojang is not about running away from these creatures but about uniting them against the piglins.

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Every mob in the game has some unique abilities which make the combat dynamic. However, if you want to simply have the most powerful allies, look no further than the Firsts. These ancient beings are spread across the map and your goal is to wake them up.

Here’s a list of all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends and how to wake them up.

First of Brick mentioned in Minecraft Legends journalFirsts are ancient creatures with the strongest abilities in Minecraft Legends.

All Firsts in Minecraft Legends and their powers

These are the four Firsts in Minecraft Legends and their special abilities:

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  • First of Stone – Throws gigantic boulders at piglin structures and deals damage to closer enemies. It has slow attack speed and high damage.
  • First of Diorite – Spawns golems.
  • First of Brick – Protects allies with a shield and stomps nearby enemies.
  • First of Oak – Does powerful ranged damage with a cannon.

Where to find all Firsts in Minecraft Legends

Firsts in Minecraft Legends spawn in specific biomes like mounts which include:

  • First of Stone – Meadow
  • First of Diortite – Jagged Peak
  • First of Brick – Dry Savanna
  • First of Oak – Badlands

Head to the yellow question marks on your map within these biomes and you’ll most likely stumble upon a First. After interacting with their remains, you need to get back to the Well of Fate to initiate the process to wake them up.

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First of Oak in Minecraft LegendsOnly one First spawns on the map during Minecraft Legends’ co-op mode.

Although the map in Minecraft Legends is procedurally generated for every player, the biomes mentioned above are the same for everyone.

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How to wake up all four Firsts in Minecraft Legends

You can wake up all four Firsts in Minecraft Legends by creating the Wake the Firsts Improvement near the Well of Fate. However, before doing this, you must find the remains of these ancient beings in the open world.

The Wake the Firsts Improvement costs 100 Gold and 100 Prismarine and it works on all four Firsts. After creating the improvement, go back to the location where the First was resting and spend some Gold to wake up and befriend them.

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A First in Minecraft LegendsFirsts can help you take down the piglins in Minecraft Legends easily.

How to revive the Firsts in Minecraft Legends

Firsts in Minecraft Legends can die during battle and they respawn in villages or the Well of Fate. There, you’ll have to spend these resources to revive the desired First in the game:

  • First of Stone – 100 Gold and 500 Stone
  • First of Diortite – 100 Gold and 125 Coal
  • First of Brick – 100 Gold and 500 Wood
  • First of Oak – 100 Gold and 500 Wood

We hope this guide helps you wake up all Firsts in Minecraft Legends and improve your army strength considerably. For similar content, you can check out:

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Image Credits: Mojang

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