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How to unlock MAC-10 in CoD Mobile Season 3

CoD Mobile Season 3 will feature the Black Ops Cold War MAC-10 SMG, so for those interested, here’s how you can get this weapon for yourself.



MAC-10 on the wall in Cod Mobile

The MAC-10 SMG from Black Ops Cold War will finally be making its Call of Duty Mobile debut in Season 3, Radical Raid, and here’s how you can get your hands on the weapon.

CoD Mobile Season 3 is almost here, and the new update will bring a plethora of fun new content for players to enjoy such as a Snoop Dog Operator skin, as well as some brand-new weapons.

We’ll see the arrival of the MAC-10, which is one of Black Ops Cold War’s fastest SMGs. If you want to know how you can get your hands on this powerful weapon in CoD Mobile Season 3 then we have that covered.

How to unlock MAC-10 in CoD Mobile

MAC-10 SMG CoD Mobile

The MAC-10 SMG can be unlocked by reaching Tier 21 of the CoD Mobile Radical Raid Battle Pass. You can get this done by hopping into a few games after Season 3 arrives and performing well during matches.

This weapon has made appearances in different Call of Duty titles over the years, and now it’s finally making its CoD Mobile debut. The developers described it as a “fast-firing, highly maneuverable SMG” that’s perfect for close-quarters combat.

The MAC-10 boasts excellent recoil control and an extremely high rate of fire. This allows you to take out enemies quickly with great precision with the weapon.

cod bocw  mac-10

The MAC-10 holds 40 rounds in multiplayer and 30 rounds in single-player. The quick-fire nature of this SMG’s fire rate makes it very easy to drain ammo clips during close-range combat encounters.

You’ll be able to get your hands on this weapon after CoD Mobile Season 3 launches on March 30. With all of the new content arriving in the new update, there’s plenty of reason to get the Battle Pass.

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Image Credit: Activision